When is the Best Time to Visit the Philippines

Text: Kaycie Gayle

With more than 7,000 islands to explore, the Philippines experiences only two major seasons:  the rainy season which is from June to November; and the dry season which is from December to May.  The dry season may be subdivided further into the cool dry season, which is from December to February, and the hot dry season which is from March to May.

Peak Season (Dry Season)

The most popular time to visit the Philippines is from December to April when it is the driest months of the year. During the dry season, there is only least amount of rainfall. It is warm but does not have extreme temperatures. Since this is the peak tourism period, prices will be more expensive than the rest of the year. The Philippines experiences its coolest months from December to February. However, since it is a tropical country, there won’t be much drop-off in the humidity or temperature. This season is good for traveling and a more pleasurable time for sightseeing. 

During the hot dry season (March to May) expect to have sunshine all day as well as higher temperature and humidity. This is the time where local tourists would mostly lounge on the beach.  However, if you don’t like the heat so much, then you may avoid visiting the beach in April. Although this season will show you scenic blue skies and perfect beach conditions. If you ever decide to visit this season, just make sure to pack in plenty of sunscreens.

Shoulder Season (Unpronounced Season)

The ideal timing to experience the country’s hot spots with fewer tourists is on its shoulder season which is every May and November. During this time, the season is not very pronounced. The country has pleasant weather where you would experience more likely quick, daily showers rather than extensive downpours of rain. Moreover, prices tend to be lower, so if you are a bargain hunter, this is the best time to find travel deals.

 Off-peak (Wet Season)

The first typhoon in the country can hit as early as May, although typically rains really starts in June. July to October are the wettest months and the typhoon season as well. Expect to have warm temperatures, torrential rainfall, and short, intense downpours at dusk during this period. Also even if it is the wet season, some days can still be hot and sunny. If you don’t mind being sprinkled with water travel is still good, although there could be certain times when flights would be canceled and roads may be impassable especially in the northern part and mountainous regions. Many prefer to visit the Philippines even during the wet season as the country becomes an even more affordable destination. Accommodation and resorts prices drop even further, so it is worth visiting the country during this season if you’re on a budget. With the country’s 7,100 islands you would definitely find something to do as there is a sprawling itinerary awaits you even in this season. 

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