Travel Memory Card

TEXT & PHOTO: Kaycie Gayle

“Saving Travel Memories and Essentials with Memory Card”

Reasons why need to have a memory card to before during and after travel 

The lesser you carry when you travel, the better. This is the principle of travelers who prefers to travel light. While others have to bring a lot to ensure that they can do the things they prefer to do even when travelling, it is still best to think of ways on how to achieve this even when traveling light. This way you will be less burdened in carrying too much while on the road. Travelling light while doing the things you want is attainable by saving everything that you need in this pea-sized card. This allows you to pull out anything that you are reminded of doing during your travel or even save the things that you wanted to remember. Hence, before, during and after your travel it’s good to have this little card to save anything that you wanted to keep. Wondering how this could save you? Here are some of the reasons why:  

Save the files that you need before traveling 

When we travel we normally receive some vouchers, tickets and other documents related to our travel itineraries. Just a tip, before traveling, take a picture of these documents or save their PDF or MS Word file in your memory card. This way, you don’t have to worry about bringing too much travel documents and lessens your baggage. Also, if ever, somebody asked you to show them, and you are in an inconvenient situation to open your bag, you may simply present the digital form or the picture of it. In addition, if your papers get wet, crumpled or for some reason, you have lost them, you don’t have to worry that much because you know you have a back up to show as proof. 

Why save these files in the inserted memory card instead of the phone’s storage? Well, because just in case I would need to change my phone for whatever reason during the travel, I can easily transfer my memory card to another phone and be able to see the files. Also, since, I install different travel-related apps on my phone before I go, I wanted my phone storage to have more space so that my phone won’t slow down especially when I need it most. This would allow me to easily and quickly search for a service or a guide whenever and wherever I am. 

 Save the files that you need during your travel

Waiting on terminals, ports, airports and even during the long rides on buses, trains, and planes can be boring right? During the dull hours, you need to have some backup, and this is where your entertainment files would be best used. It’s good to have some songs to listen to or some videos to watch when you start to feel the boredom, or when you can’t sleep at night. Saving this on your phone will surely consume so much space, and so, having a memory card is ideal so that you don’t have to worry about storage spaces. Whether waiting, sitting, sleeping or whatever you may be doing, you can keep yourself entertained by saving these files on your memory card. 

Save the memories you want to keep during and after the travel

Most of us have used our phone, to document our travel memories right? Who hasn’t? When we are in travel, that’s the time we mostly use our camera phone to capture what we see, because it is at this time that we see a lot of picturesque scenery. It’s hard to resist not to take pictures because we are drawn to it, and we know that we don’t get to see the same scenic view every day. We like to document every interesting detail that we see because we are aware that we might not see it again. However, the more we take pictures means the more we will consume storage space as well. On top of that, when we’ve seen a beautiful movement, and feel that capturing its beauty through taking its picture won’t be enough, we opt to video it. We know that videos also eats up a larger space because they have a bigger file size. The tendency is that when we have used so much space, we end up sacrificing some photos by deleting the ones we have previously taken just to be able to snap new photos of the places that we will still have to go to.  

Being an avid mobile photographer, one lesson I’ve learned is to always have a good memory storage, Actually, if I know I’m going to have longer travel timeframe, I make sure that I have a back up memory card so that I can use it when the inserted card’s memory is all used up and be able to take more pictures.

Choosing the Right Memory Card to Save your travel memories

To ensure that you can save your travel essential guides, entertainment files, and your photo souvenirs properly, there are some things you may have to consider to find the right memory card for your mobile.   

1. Storage capacity

The reason why you need a memory card is to have a bigger storage space therefore, the higher the card’s capacity the better because you can store more. Nowadays, memory card’s capacities are 16GB, 32GB, 64GB, 128GB, 200GB, 256GB which allows you to choose the one that would suit your needs.  

2. Card working Speed

Speed is about reading and writing of data. The read speed is the time taken to read the data from the card, which is important when transferring your data from the card. This is mostly observed when a memory card takes time in transferring files to another storage space while another memory card does not. Meanwhile, the write speed is the time taken to write the data which is significant when you take a picture and saves it on the card. This is mostly noticed when the picture you have taken or edited takes time when saving (unless there’s a mobile issue). Having a memory card with good working speed is important when traveling because it helps you to take pictures of fleeting subjects even in a haste and still be able to save it properly. 

3. Supported Write/Erase Cycles

If you always have to overwrite on your memory card, because you are able to collect lots of travel files for being a frequent traveler then you should select a micro SD that is supporting more cycles. Write cycle, also known as write/erase cycle is the limited number of times that the memory card can be overwritten before it begins to wear out to the point of its failure which may result to data loss

4. Not easily corrupted

There might be different reasons why a memory card is corrupted. But the last thing that you want to happen is to have your travel photos and files be erased without a backup. There might be a lot of memory card sellers out there, but to ensure that you will get the legit ones which you can be assured that it would work really well, it’s better to buy the most trusted brands, from the most trusted dealers. Beware with the imitations available because they might not be reliable and you may just end up losing the photos you labored to capture during your travel 

Note: Being a mobile photographer, the kind of memory card being described here is the one that is being used for smartphones which the MicroSD.

Here are a few recommendations you may consider when buying your memory card:

If you like to save your travel files then make sure that you get a good memory card. When you get back home you will definitely appreciate that you were able to save your photos on your trip. Those travel photos are souvenirs that you can always go back to when you want to reminisce about your travel escapades. So while on travel, take as many photos as you can and make sure they are properly saved.

Enjoy snapping and saving travel memories! 💛