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One of the inconveniences that any traveler would face is getting their gadget’s battery drained. In one of your travels, you may have experienced the same thing. I do too. With our dependence on our mobile gadgets, it has seemed to become one of our basic necessities nowadays, ergo, having our phone getting lost or getting drained is our worst nightmare especially while on travel. Sustaining battery life is important because we know we can do more while on travel if keep our mobiles and gadgets powered up. If you are wondering how you could do more by maintaining your battery’s power then here are some of the obvious yet utmost reasons    

1.) Power up your mobiles to capture more of your travel moments

More travelers are now into mobile photography because of the convenience it offers. In times when we have to capture a scenic view at the moment, we can instantly rely on our phones.  Also, our mobiles are a good back up when we can’t use our DSLRs for some reasons however, we know that using our phone when taking a picture would also mean consuming more battery charge and we end up getting our phone’s battery low.  To save its battery life, we opt to just take a few shots and resist to take more but just imagine how many snaps could we have taken more especially if the place is too scenic only if we have longer battery life. We limit ourselves to take photos to keep our gadgets powered up to our next and last destination. But remember that when we are in travel, we are not always there, and we might never have the chance to go back, or if we do we might not see the same scenic moment as what we have seen that very moment. So make sure that whenever you’re on travel you’re gadgets are powered up so when you see something that awes you, capture it!

2.) Power up your gadget to keep yourself productive and entertained during the long rides

Boredom during long rides on planes, buses, and trains are normal to be experienced by any traveler, so reading an ebook, listening to music or watching videos are some of the things that you can do to ease your boredom. Or maybe this long ride may be the time for you to be productive and to respond to emails or messages or might be a chance to do your pending tasks even while traveling.  Whatever it is that you are doing with your gadget, we are consuming its battery life. Don’t let your fear of getting a low battery hinders you from being unproductive and dwell in the boredom! You have to power it up!

3.) Power up your mobiles to map your way out

Traveling means being in an unfamiliar place, and getting lost is just one of the funs of traveling. If you happen to find yourself detoured and would like to find yourself way back, then maps and guides online are your best friend. Consulting these travel websites and reading reviews would also be a good way for you to finding where to eat, where to stay and where is the best place to go. However, we know that surfing the net would mean using mobile data and we know that turning mobile data on, increases the battery discharge rate. If we are using wifi, then still uses the battery while browsing ergo also contributes to getting it drained. Make sure to find your way to your destinations and have a guided adventure by keeping your gadgets powered up! 

4.) Power up your gadgets to write your travel musings

Scenic views evoke creativity and trigger realizations. In moments like this, having a pen and paper is good but mostly we only have gadgets and so it is where we write our musings. Sometimes, we want to write the learning we have from our conversation with the interesting people that we meet in our journey, or learn a recipe of a dish we have just eaten and loved or maybe we simply want to describe the exact feeling while we are on certain place. Therefore, grab your mobile and type it down. Never allow your fleeting thought to be forgotten, power your gadgets up and write them up.

5.) Power up your phone to keep in touch and get connected

Never allow yourself to miss anything even in your absence. With making communication so easy there’s no excuse not to be reached out. Everybody is now online and talking with someone on the phone is so easy.  Getting updated in an instant about your loved ones is actually just one grab away. Being out of reach when in travel is in the past and getting connected even miles away is the trend at present. For any reason, you may need to call, text or have a video call with your loved ones and this means that you need to ensure that your battery is charged up and can last the day to ensure that whatever time it is, you can instantly reply to them anytime and anywhere.  No need for you to worry about the length of time talking to them, and focus on keeping in touch and talking with them when you miss them so much. Having a drained battery could lead you to miss out on something and nobody wants that. Keep yourself connected all the time by ensuring that your mobiles are powered up. 


Let’s face it, not all powerbank can keep your gadget powered up to last that long. I’ve tried several brands of powerbank, and some are not actually satisfactory in delivering their expected performance. Some even have a shorter battery life cycle that after a few times of using them, they seemed to eventually easily get drained, sometimes, they even get drained faster than the phone you are charging on them. Powerbanks are not supposed to be disposable after a few uses, they are actually made available to keep you powered up whenever you’re out. On one of my trips, I’ve decided to borrow a powerbank instead of buying my own because I was thinking it’s going to be the same with the previous ones that I’ve had, which was after a few times of using it, a malfunction would occur. During that trip, a new appreciation for powerbank was instilled in me, the power bank I’ve borrowed worked really well and was so reliable that made me confident to take countless of photos and allowed me to use my phone to write, text or call anyone and surf the internet without having to worry how long I’ve been using my phone and getting its battery drained. I’ve realized that all I needed is to find a reliable powerbank to have my trust back on it. There are a lot of available powerbanks out there but to ensure that I have the right powerbank to bring whenever I’m on travel, I’ve listed down the considerations I have when choosing a powerbank 

Higher Milliamps per Hour (mAH)

mAH is the utmost basis when I’m choosing a powerbank. mAH is the measurement that indicates the length capacity of the battery to deliver a certain amount of current. The higher the number of mAH in your powerbank the better because it means the more you can use it before it gets drained. Although, typically, the higher the maH the bigger and heavier the powerbanks will be.   


Engaging in outdoor activities is to be expected when on travel, and bringing your gadgets and powerbank would mean being prone to dust, shock and sometimes being wet. Powerbanks that are strongly made and capable of withstanding rough handling gives you the confidence that you can bring it whenever and wherever you may go.

For convenience, I am also considering the following:


Most of the first edition of powerbanks are somewhat heavy, however, when you are on travel and you spend most of your time outdoors while carrying your bag with the powerbank inside, you would wish you have a lighter powerbank so you would have lighter baggage. A lightweight powerbank would definitely not give you much of a burden carrying it.


Saving bag space is important when traveling because it allows you to put more into it, ergo a powerbank with smaller size is ideal. Also, in times when you are exploring a place and you are just bringing your sling bag, a smaller powerbank would fit inside, and you don’t have to worry bring another extra bag just to be able to bring it. 

With Screen display

This may not be considered by others but I prefer a powerbank with a screen display. This allows me to check the exact percentage of the remaining power and enables me to identify when to charge my powerbank.   

Powerbanks that you may consider

For the power-conscious, some of the good options for powerbank available on the market are listed below so you choose which one that suits you the best. 

 Powerbank’s Unit Name                                      Capacity

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