How Does Traveling Changes You?

TEXT: Kaycie Gayle Yambao Whatever is the reason why you travel, you will certainly discover new things. You will take home the learning and realizations you’ve had during your journey. The things you have been exposed to and experienced have a way of influencing you even without you noticing it. It may have a slight impact on you internally but it will eventually manifest externally. … Continue reading How Does Traveling Changes You?

Cafe Scene: Photoholic

Two women are heading to the stairs to get out of the cafe when they were stocked in the landing because a couple of people are taking pictures on the stairscase. Not wanting to disturb them, they stayed on the landing to wait for the group of diners have their picture taken. Understanding that this could be a bonding moment for them they waited patiently … Continue reading Cafe Scene: Photoholic

Traveling is Like a Relationship

By: Kaycie Gayle. Traveling is like a relationship that stays with you even after you have come back home. It teaches you lifetime lessons. You cannot learn and fully understand it unless you explore and experience it yourself.  The process of traveling from pursuing to engaging to exploring to learning and eventually saying goodbye is certainly riveting. Continue reading Traveling is Like a Relationship