Binipina is a portmanteau, a made-up word coined from a combination of the words Binibini (miss) and Filipina. It promotes creativity, fine workmanship, native industry, and handcrafted excellence of local artisans. It features a carefully-selected collection of Philippine-made products for women. Most of the items offered are from the home industries of Filipino women.

Binipina only offers something that our local artisans are proud to share and the people behind the brand would also use. It only promotes products that it believes in. For each item to be considered in the Binipina store, it must be functional and aesthetically pleasing. Each item must also be durable as Binipina believes that buying better-quality pieces that will last for longer will encourage sustainability. The addition of items in Binipina’s collection is slow, as it takes time to carefully source out and choose which items must be included.

Each product also has a limited number of stocks to prevent it from being a generic product. The personal touches added by artisans during the design process makes each item truly unique. Binipina understands that owning a rare item adds to the experience of using it and allows you to express who you are. Binipina wants that the soon-to-be-owners of its locally handcrafted products experience that. Also, due to the handmade nature of the products, there may be some imperfections. Binipina’s items are not machine made because they are not mass-produced. They are made by hands with love and dedication of the artisans. Any slight imperfection makes each piece unique and special. It accentuates the charm of handmade and proves that the creation to be a true work of art. Binipina’s handmade products are exclusive and unique that even if the artisan makes a replica, the piece won’t still be exactly identical. That if you look closely at each piece, one will be slightly different from the next.

At present, Binipina items can only be purchased through Shopee. More about Binipina soon, as it is still in the process of evolving. Binipina hopes that you will be part of its journey.