“Kwentong Barbero” or Barber’s Tales

Have you heard a “Kwentong Barbero”? or even encountered this local term? Back in the day, men living in small towns would go to the barber shop to have their haircut while having a conversation with their barber. Having established a good relationship with their hair cutter, some men would drop by on the shop just to pass time and chat with the barber. Since … Continue reading “Kwentong Barbero” or Barber’s Tales

The Christ-mas of Santa Claus

Found this Santa Claus toy displayed in an ancestral house I have visited. Regardless of its size, it instantly caught my attention and find delight in staring at this adorable stout old man wearing a red coat with white fur. Who wouldn’t find it pleasing when he always looks so adorable whenever he is being portrayed. After some time of gazing at it, I have … Continue reading The Christ-mas of Santa Claus

Beautiful Reminder

Hello beautiful. Are you having a messy bun hairstyle frequently lately? Well, i guess every woman who have tons of workload or thinkabouts can identify with this. I myself is no exception to this. Everybody may be able to relate on having those days when you find the inconvenience of beautifying yourself because you are so caught up with the tasks on your day job. … Continue reading Beautiful Reminder