Precautionary Measures To Observe On Your Next Out of Town Trip Amid The Pandemic Crisis

Traveling soon? Here are some reminders to keep yourself safe during this pandemic.


  • Some attractions are on a phased opening and may require you to obtain timed entry permits. Establishment, parks and attractions availability and hours may have changed.
  • Expect that some attractions might still be closed as the impact of the pandemic might have a profound impact on their operations.
  • Observe the posted spacing markers and signs with social distancing guidelines. They are displayed to ensure that the required physical distance is maintained at all times. 
  • Expect that some public restrooms remain closed.

Touring around

  • Mask ordinance is still strongly implemented. Make sure that your face coverings are always worn whenever you are in commonplaces.


  • Some restaurants are only open for delivery and takeout. Before going to a restaurant, it is best to contact directly the destination restaurant you wanted to visit to ask for updated info. Their hours and menu options might be affected due to the pandemic crisis. 


  • Expect that malls, markets, and shops that are open have safety protocols in place.
  • As a way of preventing possible spread of the virus, symptomatic persons are not admitted to shops. 
  • Shops admit limited persons at a time. Be patient, queue, and wait for your turn when needed.
  • Providing hand sanitizer for public use is standard among establishments. Make use of them when you need to. 
  • Sneeze guards are installed on public counters. Refrain from going beyond it when making transactions. 


  • When choosing accommodation look for rentals with enhanced cleaning protocols. It is also good if you can possibly confirm if they are using products recommended for sanitization.

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