Drive-in Cinema Etiquette Guide

At the time of the pandemic, cinemas were closed. As a response, drive inn cinemas were opened in the country to ensure that moviegoers will still be able to watch their favorite movies while staying safe and observing physical distancing. If you are going to try drive-in cinema anytime soon, you might consider following the drive-in theater etiquettes below.

1. Drive-in cinemas are for watching movies and do not serve as a drinking venue. Alcoholic drinks are usually not allowed at any time in drive-in theaters.

2. Parking is usually first-come, first saves a better spot. However, it is also important to remember that parking depends on the discretion of the drive-in cinema’s management. This may be influenced by their current business demands and transactions.

3. Some drive-in cinemas do not allow visitors to sit on top of their vehicles. This is to allow moviegoers that are parked at the rear part of the venue to see the screen as well. 

5. Should you want to bring chairs or blankets, keep it within your allotted parking space. Occupying more spaces may require you to pay for a second vehicle.

7. Policies, and instructions given by the drive-in cinema’s security personnel are expected to be followed while staying at the drive-in cinema

8. Be nice and be courteous with other customers and movie watchers. 

9. Disturbance or any form of noise are not welcome in drive-in cinemas. Movies goers like to enjoy the movie on the screen.

Have fun and
Happy watching!
Any drive-in cinema etiquette we missed? Let us know. Drop your comments below.

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