Staple organic clothing Philippines

PH Brands Offering Staple Clothing Made From Natural Fabrics

While organic clothing has been popular for a couple of years in other parts of the world, it is still young in the Philippines. Good thing that some local brands have started pursuing their fashion business responsibly and ethically. Being aware of the advantage of wearing safe and hypoallergenic clothing, a few local enterprise are now producing them. Today, modern-day Filipinas can easily avail organic clothing with contemporary designs all day every day.

In this post, we’ve taken a close look at the brands bringing organic clothing into the mainstream. We curated a list of eco-friendly and safe options you can have.

1. Bamboo lounge pants by Ito Bed & Bath

Made of naturally-breathable bamboo fiber, this apparel is thermal regulating, naturally anti-bacterial, and hypoallergenic. It is comfortably soft and even gets softer through washing and wearing. It has a classic design and is suited for different activities. If you want full coverage, you can match it with a bamboo shirt as well.

Image courtesy Ito Bed and Bath

2. Organic plain polo shirt by Organic Philippines

This polo shirt is made with pure cotton fibers and free from polyester. It is available in different sizes and comfortable for all-day wear. Its design is suited for your modern lifestyle.

Image courtesy Organic Philippines

3. Bamboo tee by Candid Clothing

These t-shirts are made with surplus bamboo cotton. The anti-bacterial and moisture-wicking properties of bamboo fiber make these clothing breathable and cool to the skin. This tropical staple will keep you fresh even in our country’s hot weather. Its soft texture and relaxed fit will enable you to move freely and comfortably. Bamboo Tee is available in different colors thus allowing you to have options to choose from. Also, it has an Asian sizing and you can choose for a small size for a form-fitting shirt or opt for a larger size for a more breezy and loose fit. Bamboo Tee has a crew neck design. For neckline variation, you can choose Bamboo V which has a V style neckline.

Image courtesy Candid Clothing

Go-to staples for everyday comfort

Modern Filipina lifestyle is active. We mingle work, rest and play thus require everyday comfortable clothing that will allow us to move around easily. While staying classically stylish we need to ensure that we are clothed safe. These staples are presentable enough and suited for travel or even if you’re a work from home buddy.

Note: We do not receive any compensation for recommending these brands. They were included in our suggested list of brands due to the clothing materials they used. This list will be updated anytime we find local brands advocating organic clothing.

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