How Patronizing Local Handmade Products Supports Artisans and Local Economy

The watchword “support local” is often heard but not always upheld. Patronizing local is more than just obtaining a local product. It means helping in providing better lives. One single purchase of a locally handcrafted product can actually go a long way. The fair price that you pay goes to more than what you can see. 

1. Buying handcrafted items helps to support the local economy

Supporting local handmade crafters is one simple way of investing the money back into your community. The money you paid for their handcrafted products stays within the community they live as they pay for their taxes. Hence this will be good for the overall impact on the economy. Every buying decision that you make has an impact. It contributes and helps in shaping the economy.

market handmade products philippine made local products
Local market

2. Buying handcrafted items supports the local community

Locally owned independent businesses naturally return revenue to their communities. More likely these business owners will spend their earned money in the same area where they live and have their workshop and store. Handmade items are typically created by small businesses that employ local people. Thus promoting local craft industries and buying locally handcrafted products demands producing more handmade goods. This creates jobs for local people. As you patronize local producers you also enable them to support their townmates. Continued support for them means that the locals will not be out of work.  As small businesses stay open, they can keep the money you spend feeding into and through their community. 

Loom weaving

3. Buying handcrafted items supports a real person.

Each sale can make a difference in the lives of artisans as the small profit will go directly to them. If you buy from a big business the profit goes to its shareholders that you do not know. If you buy from local artisans, you financially support a real person and not a big corporate brand that mass produces goods.  

Buying handcrafted local goods means supporting artisans who may only have a nook set aside in their home or a small craft studio to pursue the trade that they love.  It means supporting the income of a person who tries to live his dream. Also, it can mean helping to put a meal for the artisans’ family table, or supporting their child going to school. 

Artisan and ceramic making

When buying locally handcrafted items you don’t need to pay for different departments and levels of staff.  Artisans perform all the functions from conceptualizing, crafting, packaging, marketing, selling, and customer service. Hence these artisans, appreciate each purchase as it means a lot to them. It is their consolation for the creativity, time, and effort, they invested in each piece that they make. Patronizing and buying their product is more than just a profit to them. It is a compliment to their work. It also gives them a reason to continue their passion and work hard to attain the dream for that passion.


Love Local. Shop Local. Support Local.

See handmade and locals products at Bininipa. All items are proudly Philippine made and created by local artisans. 

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