Ways To Support Local Business

Challenging times make it harder for small businesses to survive. When there is no income coming in for weeks, then reopening is only at half capacity and only a few people trickle in their shops, small business owners have no choice but to close down. As more entrepreneurs realize that it’s more practical to close down than open up, many local people will also be affected due to their job loss. Hence, amidst the pandemic crisis, it would be nice to help local businesses to keep on running even in your own small ways. Read on to see the different ways to support local businesses.

1. Purchase local food and items

Though brick and mortar stores of some businesses have closed down, local businesses might still be operating through their online store. You can purchase their products through it or place your order through a phone call.

Handicrafts market

2. Maintain your subscription or membership

Loss of regular customers all at once can really make any local business close down. If you have a membership or subscription to any services, just keep it going. This will enable them to sustain their businesses.

kitschy shop

3. Reserve and pre-pay for services

If you know that you will soon need to use a service that is not time-sensitive or nonessential, reach out to that local business to reserve and pay for the service in advance. Just set a realistic schedule in a future date to receive the service. 

shabby chic place

4. Buy gift cards

Help local businesses to have upfront funds by buying gift cards from them. Although you might not need their items right now, just keep your gift card until you will be needing to use it to purchase something from their shop. You can also buy gifts cards to give it to someone you know who needs it. 

nostalgic items

5. Share Love 

Supporting local businesses is still possible even if you don’t have the means to purchase at present. You can show that you care about your favorite local business by sharing your appreciation for their service or product through your social media. You can write review posts, leave a comment, like their post or just message them to express how you appreciate them.

Rustic space

Small businesses need support to continue to keep their doors open. They need income to sustain their operational and production expenses. In this time of pandemic crisis, we have to support each other to be resilient and stay strong. Let’s not forget others, extend our hands and make others feel that we are #inthistogether #ShareLove💛


Love Local. Shop Local. Support Local.

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