Sumang Mais Sweetened Cornmeal in Banana Leaves

Sumang Mais, Filipino’s Cornmeal Delicacy in Banana leaf

Suman Mais is a native delicacy in the Philippines made of cornmeal. It consists of cornmeal cooked with sugar, coconut milk, and salt and wrapped in banana leaves.

Suman Mais with other wrapped suman
Suman mais with other wrapped sumans

Delicacy from the plain regions

Suman mais is less popular compared to other kinds of suman made with rice. This delicacy is also called darak mais in Pampanga, while others call it paes. It is well-known in provinces with cornfields and usually cooked during the harvesting period of corn. Home cooks buy its main ingredient – the raw cornmeal from millers, sari-sari stores, or in the market.

Wrapped suman mais in banana leaves
Wrapped suman mais in banana leaves
Suman Dark Mais
Suman darak mais

Chowing down Suman Mais

Locals normally eat this with coffee, or tea and usually chow it during snacks or breakfast. Compared to other kinds of suman, it is not sticky as glutinous rice suman

Unwrapped suman mais on a plate
Unwrapped suman mais served on a plate

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