Champorado, Filipino’s Chocolate Rice Porridge

Champorado is a Filipino sweet chocolate rice porridge that was originally derived from the Mexican drink called champurrado. The Spaniards introduced the warm and thick atole in the country when they were still colonizing it. Eventually, this recipe has been changed by adding rice to it.

Basic Ingredients

At present, sweet glutinous rice also known as malagkit and cocoa powder are used to cook this dish. Traditionally, tablea (pure cocoa blocks) was used for its chocolate flavor instead of cocoa powder. It is sweetened with sugar and its creaminess comes from the milk drizzled on it.

Champurado and evaporated milk

Ways of eating champurado

This dish is served hot in a bowl with swirls of milk on top. A generous amount of milk is poured onto it by those who prefer to make it even creamier. While others like to use condensed milk for a sweeter taste, many also use evaporated milk. Meanwhile, others opt to have powdered milk. Some like mixing the milk on the champorado for a more blended taste while others prefer to scoop it with the milk on top to distinctly taste the chocolate flavor and the milk. 

Powdered milk and champurado

It is often paired with pan de sal (Filipino bread rolls) while others enjoy eating it along with fried tuyo (dried salted fish). Some cut the tuyo into bits to serve it as toppings for a salty-sweet taste. 

Champurado and tuyo

Local’s comfort food

Champurado is a popular breakfast among Filipinos. Although, it is also a good afternoon snack for an energy boost. This chocolatey and creamy decadent dish is also a favorite rainy day comfort food. Hence, many locals consider this dish a great part of their childhood.

Live simply and happy 💛

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