Meet Rorie Ciriaco, An Artist Who Paints Portrait For A Cause Amidst COVID-19

Some people who have a passion for art and helping integrate the two for a greater benefit. Some donate their completed work, while others are open for commissions to produce an artwork to help raise funds for a cause. Without receiving anything, they are contented that they were able to help and share their art. One of these is Rorie Ciriaco, a full-time UI/UX designer, and a remote worker.

Image courtesy of Rorie Ciriaco

Portraits for #Artmedph

Amidst COVID 19 crisis Rorie is one of the artists who joined the social movement #artmedph. She was inspired by the artists participating after seeing a tweet of another fellow for commissions. She felt like she could also help the sectors affected by the pandemic disease even when home confined. Also, she thought it’s a good way to practice her craft while sharing her art to help generate funds. Hence she posted on twitter and officially took part in the fund drive.

After her initial post, it took two days for the slots of the first batch to be filled. Eventually, people kept inquiring about her art commissions. She decided to open another batch which was filled up just a few hours after she posted.

Since Rorie has a full-time job, she allotted three to four hours for her projects for #artmedPH. Rorie opened ten slots per batch in a week. She targeted to complete them within that time frame, although she occasionally asked for extensions since some were commissioning two to three portraits at a time. In the weeks that Rorie participated in the fund drive, she completed 25 projects.

Lifestyle balance and creativity

For Rorie creativity and quality are utmost in every piece that she produces, hence she limits the number of commissions she is accepting. She prefers to take time when she paints as she feels like she does her job well if she doesn’t feel rushed and pace herself. Also, to avoid creative fatigue and keep having fresh ideas, she balances her activities by doing something else like cooking, watching movies, and playing games.

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does anyone recognize this scene? ;___;

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Art genre 

Rorie paints anything she feels like painting. She’s not limited to a particular art genre. Although for #artmedph she opted to offer portraits since it’s the most relatable to everyone as each person almost like to have a portrait of their own.

Pursuing one’s passion 

For Rorie, art has always been her escape even without the crisis. She believes that pursuing one’s passion is important. She considers that her progress over the years was slow since she took breaks in between but still gets into it after. Amid adversity, she encourages everyone to keep on learning, do what they love to do, and enjoy it. In her own words, she said…

“I hope the realities of life won’t keep you from doing what you love.”

In addition, when asked about her advice on how to cope in these trying times, she shared…

“I think engaging yourself in art (or just anything you love doing) will help you better cope with the crisis.” 

Rorie keeps on improving her craft by joining different workshops from live sketching sessions, oil painting, and urban sketching. Aside, from #ArtmedPH, she previously participated in a charity zine where the proceeds went to Hurricane Maria Children’s Relief Fund.

Rorie’s initiative is a testimony of how much you can do by pursuing your passion. By doing what you love, it connects you with others and becomes your means to help others as well. At the same time, it enables you to improve your craft and eventually having your work recognized.

To see Rorie’s projects and updates about the exhibits she is participating in, you can follow her on Instagram and Facebook. For inquiries, partnerships or commissions you can email her at

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