Donsol whaleshark interaction responsible tourism guide

Donsol’s Whale Shark Interaction Responsible Tourism Guide

Donsol in Sorsogon is known to be one of the few places in the world that can offer an almost guaranteed whale shark sightings. People from different countries visit it to see the gentle giants. If you have plans of experiencing whale shark interaction soon, here is a quick guide to have fun while practicing responsible tourism.


What to do when you reached Donsol?

  1. Register and log at the visitor’s center
  2. Pay the required fees
  3. Get research kit
  4. Attend the orientation
  5. Get boarding pass for boat, butanding interaction officer (BIO) and spotter assignment.
  6. Discuss your trip with the BIO
  7. Make sure you have the necessary gear for the whale shark interaction.
Butanding interaction officer (BIO) looking for whaleshark

Reminders to Practice Responsible Tourism

  1. Respect local culture
  2. Support local industries
  3. Observe but do not disturb natural systems
  4. Minimize your impact on the environment
  5. Do your part. Fill the monitoring forms needed. Any information on whale sharks helps the conservation effort.
Whale shark

Stay safe and enjoy your home staycation 💛

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