Send Some Love To People Battling COVID19

Send Some Love To People Battling COVID19

Sending some love to our front liners and patients who are battling Covid19 is possible even without costing you any money. All it requires is your message of comfort to be written in paper and send it to groups who initiated a project to uplift the spirit of those who are directly affected by the virus. Here are some teams you can partner with to course through your messages. 

1. The Letter Project by Arellano Law Handwriting Advocates

Help from the comforts of your home by sending letters to COVID 19 patients and front liners. You can do this by sending handwritten words of encouragement. To mail your message, have your handwritten letters be photoed. You can send as many as you can and make your letters anonymous. Once you emailed your letter, the team will forward it to their hospital contacts which include Research Institute for Tropical Medicine (RITM), Bicol Medical Center, UST Hospital, Cardinal Santos Medical Center, Philippine Children’s Medical Center, Rizal Medical Center, Ospital ng Maynila Medical Center. Letters will also be posted on their Facebook page for online dissemination. To send pictures of your words of support email it to

Kids can also participate in cheering and trying to lift the spirits of those who are affected by coronavirus and front liners. 

2. Share your love, Share A Card

Share your love, Share A Card encourages everyone with a kid to ask their child to create a handmade get well cards for COVID patients, and front liners. The sent cards will be printed by the team behind the Facebook page and have it distributed to front liners and patients in RITM. Cards for patients will be placed on their breakfast tray to cheer them up every morning. To share your created card, you can send it to

3. Send Virtual Hugs through Akap

Akap was taken from the word yakap which is a Tagalog slang word that means hug. It is often the manner of how kids say the word yakap. The team behind Akap Facebook page believes that kids can comfort others by sending virtual hugs. This can be done by enabling them to be a part of the “helping team” by creating letters and artworks for people who are battling Covid19. To send your kid’s artwork photos, you can mail it to This online initiative is inspired by the RITM Doctors

Make your staycation at home not boring. If you are thinking of things to do while home confined, then you can consider participating in the initiatives above to make your time productive. Make this period a season for you to connect and comfort others. Share love and support even in simple ways. Sending little words of positivity and encouragement may go a long way and cheer up others.

Stay safe and enjoy your home staycation 💛

Know anyone who might be interested to send some love to patients and front liners? Share this post to them.

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