Covid 19 Stopped The World From Travelling

One of the largest industries in the world is travel and no one would think that at one point it will be hampered. As COVID 19 has been declared officially as a pandemic, and there are lockdowns in almost any part of the globe, the world has stopped traveling. The virus crossed borders effortlessly yet made every major country in the world closed down its borders and damaged the global travel industry immensely

every major country in the world closed down its borders

Before the virus crisis has gone uncontrollable and the lockdowns have been decided, a lot of people have plans of traveling at this time of the year. Although we have heard the news about the disease, we still ask if the virus is as bad as the media makes it seem? Several have already made travel arrangements and trip schedules throughout the upcoming months. A lot of articles were published suggesting the places to target to visit this season. Almost all travel enthusiasts are still determined to embark on an adventure. Until finally, the reality hits that travel is totally affected by the disease as flights, tours are being canceled due to the travel bans and lockdowns.

under the  state of unease

All are under the state of unease, and a lot are asking when will the COVID season end. The length of time that we have to endure this is unknown. All we can do is to accept that in the meantime we can only dream and look forward to the day that we can travel again and walk on the lands of our desired destinations. We can hope that once this situation has passed and is safe to enter other borders, we can once again explore and mingle and connect with other people without the need for physical distancing.  

The coronavirus season has limited us in many different ways. It has required us to distance ourselves from others and prevented us from being in the places that we would want to be in. This makes us miss traveling and appreciate hugs, handshakes and connecting face to face even more. 

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