How to Cancel Your Trip During A Virus Crisis

During a virus crisis, it is best to avoid nonessential travel to prevent any undue risk, getting infected, as well as community spread. Here are things you can do when canceling your trip due to a crisis virus. 

Tour Operator/Tour Guide Service Cancellation

Tour providers rarely cancel or change a booking, but during the COVID 19 season, local governments issued a travel ban, mandated community quarantine and physical distancing hence many tour operators have to post-pone travel arrangements. If your tour provider has to change your tour details, chances are they will inform you about it. They will also allow your initial deposit to be re bookable and transferable to another person. Their free re-booking is typically valid for one year from the original travel date. Meanwhile, you can inform them about your new travel date later. However, if you have to initiate the cancellation, you can call your tour provider for re-booking and tell them and reserve a date for your tour. 

Boat Tour

Hotel Cancellation

Contact the reservation hotline of your hotel if you have to re-book or cancel your room. During a crisis, hotels would understand why you postpone your trip. In my case, the hotel was kind enough to extend their free re-booking period for two years. When everything is back to normal all you have to do is just update them on your new travel date.

Boutique Hotel

Flight Cancellation

 If it’s the airline that canceled your flight you will either be suggested to reroute or re-book it on a different date for free. Also, you will be entitled to a refund. In almost all cases, airlines refund passengers the full value of the canceled flight. Meanwhile, if you opt to cancel your flight, it’s best to visit or call your airline’s ticket office. Expect that there may be penalties/fees for this. If you are going to re-book, inform them at least seven days before your original flight date.

Plane passengers

It is better to cancel if you are feeling unwell or the situation is not advisable for you to travel. When you have to change your travel plans, check the policies of your hotel, airline, and tour operator. In situations like a virus crisis, the travel industry adopts more flexible policies than usual. Just makes sure that you cancel reservations ahead of the time.

Meanwhile, if you still intend to pursue your trip, then you may read this.

Safe and happy travels later 💛

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