Bayahihan in the Midst of COVID19 in the Philippines

In the midst of the covid19 pandemic disease, a lot of Filipinos have risen up to the occasion and demonstrated kindness to help fellow countrymen. Many have become local heroes in their own way. This season has proven that Bayanihan is still in the core of Filipinos, despite the passing of time, and culture and technology have advanced immensely. 

Good deeds caught on camera have been shared in social media by different netizens. Bayanihan nowadays may have been different from what it was traditionally is, but the gist of it which is the communal unity to help out fellow men is still evident. Filipinos have shown that the old tradition and culture have not been forgotten, and this covid19 season has enabled Filipinos to vividly demonstrate it. 

1. Free Vegetables in Benguet

In Baguio, Cordilleran Farmers continue to  plant and some of them incluing market vendors, are giving away their highland vegetables produce for free. They opt to have their produce be consumed their produce while helping others. And benefecit others. 

In La Trinidad Benguet, farmers continue to plant for food. Both the market vendors and farmers are giving away their produce for free. They opt to have their vegetables be consumed while benefiting and helping others. Direct supplier of vegetables baguio/benguet posted it on March 13, 2020.

2. Free Tricycle Ride

A photo has been shared by Rai Carl on March 18  where Gnuhc Bacunin has been providing tricycle ride for free. Even if passengers offer money, he wouldn’t accept it. 

Image courtesy Rai Carl on Facebook

3. The faithful praying police

Another spotted scene on the street are the police holding hands while praying. They have elicited something that is rarely seen on the roads. The photo was shared by Paolo Punzalan on March 17, 2020.

Police praying for God’s protection and guidance. Image courtesy of Paolo Punzalan on Facebook

4. An old couple sending food to health workers

Due to enhanced community quarantine, this old couple can’t open their store in the public market. Hence has currently no income. Despite their situation, they still choose to help out and share what they have by sending food to health workers in Malolos. This story has been shared by Rose Cruz-Salvador on March 20, 2020.

Now that all are slowing down and reflecting, people are looking more on their neighbors in a new way. This season makes each one realize that people may have little control over things but by Bayanihan people see how can they do so much and see how each small action can impact others.

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