How To Find Hidden Spots To Enjoy The View

How To Find Hidden Spots To Enjoy The View

Been thinking which part of a site would you stay to get the best view? Or maybe you are looking for a spot that you would consider you like the most in the place? If you are looking for that perfect spot to loiter here are some tips that you can use to discover that hidden gem and find your favorite spot in the places that you visit. Connected with each tip are IG posts based on personal experience that is showing how the tips mentioned here were applied in real life.

1. Dont be fooled by looks

Sometimes all you have to do is to slow down to look around for what particular spot in a place is interesting enough to explore. Maybe this would mean sitting in a shade of an ignored bench along the road,  peeping from a small hole or maybe just staying at the stairs of a storefront for a few minutes. Places you loiter at doesn’t have to be so grand-looking or special to be stayed at. After all, places don’t have to be scenic to be attractive, its unique character is what makes it intriguing and interesting. 

It is only when you take time, that you would see more and appreciate its beauty. Most of the time, ignored but significant details are only unveiled when you slow travel.

2. Be naturally curious and notice even the modest details

Be naturally curious when you travel because this will lead you to the most scenic spots in your destination. Consider looking at small but meaningful details that are situated in a somewhat concealed location. Oftentimes we just pass by unnoticeable spots or ignore unimposing details thinking it has nothing much to offer. As long as a passage or a doorway is not prohibited to enter, then you may consider going in. Who knows you might just discover the most scenic part of the complex you are in. It may lead you to a picturesque esplanade, a tunnel, or a rooftop. Sometimes the best spots in a complex are hidden behind modest doors or rooms. People may seldom discover those hidden gems, as they are hesitant to explore, don’t pay much attention or are too busy focusing on ornate structures, wide passageways, and big doors.

Whenever you travel, it’s always good to notice even the small details. Do not just focus on the prominent attractions. It is easy to miss great spots if you don’t pay attention to simple details.

3. Find a place where you can have a top view

High structures are best viewed from the top. Rooftops enable you to see the layout of the streets, the architecture of buildings, observe traffic and marvel at the skyline. Explore the often-ignored areas. Oftentimes, they give you a better understanding of the place.

May you be having a short trip, a weekend getaway or a long vacation, use these tips to appreciate and enjoy the places you will go to even more. Wherever you are, always wonder the best spot to view.

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