Travel Kindness

Travel Kindness

Sojourner Scribble

What may be insignificant to you can mean a lot to others. This is what I am often reminded whenever I travel.

Seeing the lives of others, chatting with them and learning how different your lives are, makes you appreciate what you have and realize what you’re missing. I am always impressed with people who live modestly yet so content. I’m amused by how some can be so charmingly naive. I’m surprised by their reaction and appreciation of what you have or what you know no matter how simple it may be.

I realized kindness can be shared wherever you are. All it requires is your willingness to initiate and reach out. What you can offer may be too petty for you but you’ll be surprised how much it may impact others. Sometimes kindness that comes in the simplest form are often the ones that are heartfelt. For others, just…

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