The Mask Culture Caused By COVID 19

Since we’re still clueless how long would covid19 will last, it seems like we have to accept that what was unusual to us is becoming the norm. We need to instantly adapt to the radical change caused by this pandemic disease.

The longer COVID 19 lingers, a new kind of culture is developing. What’s normal now is that people are panic buying, strangers you come across the streets are wearing masks, people are avoiding each other due to social distancing. Plus, bustling commonplaces are now turning to be like a ghost town due community quarantine and travel restrictions.. . .

This season is really saddening. Connecting with strangers becomes scary as you can’t even identify who’s affected but just asymptomatic. Also, you can’t even determine who’s telling the truth as some may be just exaggerating or scaremongering while others are suppressing the truth to avoid mass panic.

At present we all wonder when and how the COVID 19 season will end. The virus makes our daily lives cold, sad, and limited.. Hoping that the disease would end the soonest, and that we would all be spared from it.

Praying that we could surpass this season safely.

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