Tsokolate Eh and Tsokolate Ah in the Philippines

During colonial times, the way the chocolate drink is served to you has a way of expressing how valuable a person sees you or where you belong in society.

Traditionally, chocolate drinks in the Philippines have two kinds, the ‘tsokolate eh’ and ‘tsokolate ah.’ During the colonial times, people looked at Tsokolate eh as a superior drink. It is served and reserved only for the ruling class since the drink is considered as more special for being thick and rich. The word “Eh” was believed to have come from the Spanish word espresso hence thick. 

Meanwhile, the other thinner version called Tsokolate ah is known to be the native’s drink since it is mostly served on usual occasions. The ‘Ah’ was derived from the word aguada or watered-down. 

At present, locals enjoy their chocolate drink according to personal taste. Regardless if it’s Tsokolate eh or Tsokolate ah it wouldn’t matter anymore. Since Tsokolate eh uses tablea and carabao’s milk, the traditional way of preparing it can be slightly tedious. With the introduction and convenience that instant powdered chocolate drinks offer, the distinction between the two hot chocolates has diminished. Also, serving tsokolate eh has been rarely served that finding a restaurant that serves it could even be a challenge nowadays. 

As for my search for restaurants serving Tsokolate eh, here is one of the rare cafe’s I found serving this creamy and hearty drink 

Prado Farm Cafe

Happy Travels! 💛

How do you enjoy your chocolate drink? Do you know any cafe’s serving this drink? Share it with us ⬇️. We would love to know.

Hope this helps. Save it for later!

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