“Kwentong Barbero” or Barber’s Tales

Have you heard a “Kwentong Barbero”? or even encountered this local term?

Back in the day, men living in small towns would go to the barber shop to have their haircut while having a conversation with their barber. Having established a good relationship with their hair cutter, some men would drop by on the shop just to pass time and chat with the barber. Since the barber gets to meet almost every man in town and get to hear their stories, he somewhat knows the whatabouts of each guy including his family life. Through the years of doing this routine every day he gathered a collection of tales about everyone. He gets to share these ‘stories’ with his clients while cutting their hair, and the patrons get amused with his tales. However, some of it may be true while some are just rumors. Some are even baseless and just come from people’s conclusions. This is how ‘kwentong barbero’ came to be. At present this term is used for stories that we hear that seem exaggerated or lack credibility.

Happy Travels! 💛

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