Pasig Bike Share

Pasig Bike Share

Pasig City is one of the most-bike friendly cities in Metro Manila that has been implementing Bike Ordinance Advocacy. This ordinance has led to the creation of the Pasig Bike Share project, which promotes the use of non-motorized transportation.

The bicycle-sharing system

The system works by providing people with bicycles to use it for short trips, through a network of fully automated stations. Users can pick up a bicycle from one station then return it to any station in the network. The bikes can be accessed and rented only by a smart card. To use it, you just have to swipe your card so a bicycle will be unlocked for you. When you arrive at your destination, find the closest station then return the bicycle. Insert your bicycle into the dock then swipe your card again so it will lock automatically. Normally the ride and usage take around half an hour.


To use a bike, just walk up to any station which is typically situated in front of buildings. These properties are serving as hosts. The stations include Robinson’s Galleria, Shell, Padilla Building, UA&P, Ayala Mall the 30th, Development Academy of the Philippines, Department of Education, San Antonio Village and  Capitol Commons.

Each station has ten bikes parked and securely locked to a dock. It also has a terminal where details about using the bikes are posted.

Rules and Regulations

The gentle reminder you are going to see on the terminal are the following:

  1. Check that the bicycle is working properly. If it is not, please do not ride it – replace it and find another bicycle.
  2. Please consider wearing a helmet.
  3. Watch out for other vehicles and pedestrians.
  4. Only cycle with traffic, bike lanes and not on the pedestrian sidewalks.
  5. Follow all traffic rules.
  6. Do not use your mobile phone or listen to headphones while riding.
  7. Do not cycle under the influence of alcohol.
  8. Please respect the bicycles they are designed for only one rider.
  9. Do not leave the bicycle unattended. Please return after use so others can enjoy and you will not be billed extra.
Pasig Bike Share Terminal and parked bikes on docks
Terminal and parked bikes on docks

Benefits of Using the Bike Share

1. Good for the environment

These green form of transport is one way to reduce carbon dioxide emissions

2. Avoid traffic

Vehicles on the road are reduced as commuter cycling can be an option instead of using a car or taxi from one point to another.

3. Keeps the community healthy

This green form of transport encourages people to get more active and veer away from having a have a sedentary lifestyle.

The facility is also intended to be available even to non-residents. If this project has continued to be successful, it might just encourage to allot more biking lanes and bicycle parking. Also, it may even start a biking culture in the country.


Happy Travels! 💛

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