Ortigas Park, A Breathing Space In A Business District

Ortigas Park offers a green space in the middle of a commercial business district. It links to Ruby Road to F. Ortigas Jr. Road which is formerly Emerald Avenue. This pocket park has a stage in the middle, towering cascade walls as a backdrop and a wall fountain. It provides a green space as it has trees, palms, nice foliage, and a paved walkway. There are also trellises that provide shade for passersby and bench seating for those who want to loiter for some time. 

A part often ignored in this park is the mural descriptions on its walls. It tells about a slice of the history of the district and features carved faces that give a hint about the Ortigas’ family

The mini-park is a perfect place to stop by to read a book or enjoy a cup of coffee. There is a café and convenience store on it and the Banchetto stalls are situated across it every carless weekend. Meanwhile, you may also rest here after using the Pasig Bike Share 

Ortigas Park

A breathing space

Being located in a business district, this is just often being passed by professionals and used as a pedestrian link. However, some office workers around go here to have a break and unwind in the middle of the day. It serves as a place where weary employees can relax a bit, rest, and replenish. It is a breathing space for those who are overwhelmed by the fast-paced routine in the business commercial district. 

On carless weekends, this clean park is more appreciated and crowded than on weekdays.  People rest here for a while after exercising, biking or walking around Ortigas Jr. Road. Also, some people sit on its benches while enjoying the food they bought from Banchetto.

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