Meet Lola Evelyn, the Kindhearted Business Woman and a Succulent and Cactus Gardener

Passion is something that stays with you regardless of how old you may get. It may start as just a hobby, but taking it seriously to the next level can be done no matter what age you may be. This is what Lola Evelyn, the seasoned woman behind La Evelyn Cactus and Succulent Garden has proved. What started as a hobby became a business venture due to her genuine passion for growing succulents. This passion has been translated into a beautiful garden that entices people to make a special trip to Bulacan and make them even keep coming back.

Lola Evelyn has been maintaining a succulent and cactus garden in an almost hidden spot in Longos Malolos Bulacan. Once you’ve discovered her place, you’ll appreciate its’ homey ambiance and quaint look. Even if you are not into gardening, you will still find it a charming, peaceful place.

Lola Evelyn
Image Courtesy of La Evelyn Cactus and Succulent Garden

Meeting the woman behind the garden

We discovered Lola Evelyn’s garden when we were leisurely driving around Bulacan. Curious about the place with open high gates and lots of piled terracotta potteries, we decided to alight to peek what’s inside. Finding a seasoned woman decorating a garden dish, I wondered if she is the woman behind the name of the garden. In a casual conversation, I have come to know, Lola Evelyn. 

“Kayo po si Evelyn”  (Are you Evelyn?)

She smiled and said “Lola Evelyn” (Grannie Evelyn)

The birth of La Evelyn’s garden

Lola Evelyn has always been fond of growing succulents and cactus which her family has fully supported. Later it has turned into an opportunity and built her greenhouse in their lot in Longos Bulacan. This gave birth to La Evelyn Succulents’ garden which she is now managing.

Her space and captivating passion

Lola Evelyn’s passion is evident as soon as you’ve seen her. As you explore her garden, you’ll trace that her space is lovingly done and the seasoned woman loves what she does. She is very hands-on from growing the succulents to setting up the dish gardens and attending to the customers. By watching her, you would see a woman, who pursues her passion even at her retirement age.

Lola Evelyn and her succulents
Image Courtesy of La Evelyn Cactus and Succulent Garden

Therapeutic encounter with a motherly succulent gardening mentor

Spending time with her is truly calming. She is motherly and soft-spoken. If you are not into gardening, you would start being interested as she shares the joy and relaxation you’ll get by taking care of succulents. She has a calming way of alleviating your intimidation in starting growing succulents. Even if you have no experience in gardening, she can make you feel that you can do it. Once you have chosen your succulent, she will teach you how to care of it to make sure that it will last long. Hence, visiting her garden and buying some plants from her is like having a free informal lesson about succulents. Moreover, a talk with her feels like you just had a calming, therapeutic session that would make you want to keep on coming back.

Lola Evelyn’s hospitality and warmth

Lola Evelyn’s hospitality and warmness complement her garden’s ambiance. As soon as you step into her space and talk to her, she will treat you not just like a guest but a family. When you are about to leave, she would even escort you towards the gate while talking with you, to make sure that you know how to take care of the succulents before bringing it home.

Sunset on Lola Evelyn’s garden

Her faith and commitment

Lola Evelyn’s garden is closed every Sunday. As much as possible, she tries to have Sunday as her rest day to go to church and spend time with her family. However, due to her nature of being thoughtful, she would still at times go to her garden just to personally attend to a customer even if it’s her rest day. She wants to make sure that every customer is properly tended to. As a matter of fact, during our Saturday visit, she shared that she would open the next day (Sunday) to accommodate a customer who wanted to purchase some succulents before traveling.

Lola Evelyn’s place is more than just a garden. It stands for family, growth, and new beginnings. She proves that even at an advanced age, you can still take your passion to the next level. No one is too old to explore new ventures. Her business is actually thriving and her garden is being discovered and appreciated by different people. Truly, this seasoned woman gives you enough reason to keep on coming back to Bulacan, as she makes you feel like you are visiting a Lola in her succulents and cactus garden.

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