La Evelyn Cactus And Succulent Garden

This family ran succulent and cactus garden is almost hidden but after discovering it, you’ll want to keep on coming back whenever you are in the town of Bulacan.

Tent of succulents and cactus

Atop its tall open gates, you would see the signage bearing the name of the garden. You’ll be welcomed with properly arranged terracotta potteries on the parking lot cum yard. A spacious white tent with an airy ambiance is waiting to be explored as if inviting you to see the collection of plants it has inside. Upon setting your feet on the tent, you’ll be amazed by the different kinds of cactus and succulents that are properly arranged and displayed. Meanwhile, if you go on the side and back of the tent, you would see open spaces where plants that can tolerate direct sunlight are placed.

The Greenhouse

If you go at the far end of the property, you would see a charming quaint place filled with colorful small porcelain potteries and terracotta dishes. Here you are going to spot a woman in her advanced age, who is busy repotting succulents on her table. Meanwhile, you can move around to explore the place and see their collection of dishes and small pots that are all available for sale.

If you go to the innermost part of the greenhouse you’ll find a space with beautifully designed and repotted succulents. It also has quotes etched and painted on wooden tabs and planks and filled with other kitschy displays giving it a homey ambiance.

Meeting the real Evelyn

As soon as you get back to the workshop and counter area you’ll still see the aged woman carefully repotting the succulents. You’ll be mesmerized to see that her passion for what she does is evident. Her courteous assistants help her with the things she has to carry in repotting the plants and designing the grounds. As soon as you talk to her she would stop on what she does and would focus on chatting with you.

Therapeutic Haven

For some reason, this garden has a somewhat therapeutic effect. Once you visit the greenhouse, you’ll feel that you are welcomed to a home. You’ll see a place that was lovingly made and managed by a woman who loves what she is doing. This place oozes with inspiration as she shares the joy and relaxation in growing succulents. To enable others to also enjoy the calming effect of gardening, they source cactus and succulents from local farms. They sell it at a low price to make sure everybody can afford and try it.

Great finds and complementary succulent gardening tips

May you be someone who does not have a background on succulent gardening or have been growing it for some time, you’ll like coming here. You’ll find inspiration on how to display your cactus and design your garden dish. Moreover, since they serve you the best of all options, you’ll find numerous supplies of gardening accessories with rare designs and have good quality. You’ll also learn some tips on how to take care of your plant for it to last. Lola Evelyn will guide you on how to keep the plants alive to prolong it after you bought it from them. To make sure you find joy in bringing your succulents home, they can even repot it in beautiful pots and make it ready to be displayed in your home. This place intends to cater to every need of your succulent.

Authentic experience:

This garden may be nestled off the main road, but once you visited it, you would want to keep coming back. I discovered this place while leisurely driving around Bulacan with a friend who’s into growing succulents. But then I came back with another friend who’s not into gardening but also bought some succulents to take home. As for me, here’s my take away from the garden

Happy Travels! 💛

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