Tips When Traveling to Remote Destinations

If you want to see a preserved authentic rich culture, then you may consider going to go to remote places. However, be sure to manage your expectations as this may present you with some inconveniences. A place essentially dedicated to tourism differs from the off-beaten track. They may be a little raw and do not have the amenities you enjoy in the city. Also, you’ll most probably experience a minimum rush in the town compared to the fast-paced life in the cities  but surely these destinations will give you a getaway that offers a unique package

These places may provide you the conveniences you enjoy from where you live but this does not mean you will not have fun in your travel. These destinations will actually enable you to do something out of the ordinary. It will give you different memorable experiences that may be pleasant or not. Either way, you’ll get to learn from them. 

Travel tips and reminders when visiting remote places

  • Activities and itineraries may require a great deal of walking, hiking, and trekking so it’s better to be physically prepared. These places may not have yet the sophisticated infrastructures, and the transportation being used may still be the traditional ones and still less in number. 
  • Expect that mobile signal could be weak and sometimes it may even none at all.  So make sure you won’t be needing your phone for work or any urgent matters while on vacation.
  • Drop by on the Tourism Office, so you’ll be oriented about available tours and transportation transfers.
  • Some tours may not require you to have a guide but if you are solo traveling and really unfamiliar with a place, it would be better to have one to walk you through and lead your path. This will prevent you from consuming time on figuring out direction. You’ll save time and avoid being lost. After all, it’s better to spend your limited time ticking off the itineraries on your list than being lost.
  • To avoid spending more, be mindful of the schedule and availability of public transportation.
  • Bring clothes that are flexible, comfortable, safe for any occasion and appropriate. Have a precaution that the temperature in remote places may be unpredictable.
  • Bring enough cash with you as there might be no accessible ATMs.
  • Expect that everything is on a cash basis. The establishments may not be accepting credit cards so having cash handy will save you from any inconvenience.
  • Prices may be higher if you are buying manufactured products from the city. Transportation cost to bring the supplies of these products to the remote place can be costly. As a result, prices could be higher compared to when you are in the city. 
  • Buy locally produced products instead. These are cheaper and also a way of supporting the local community.
  • Respect the local culture, their way of living, their beliefs, and their ancestor’s heritage. Be considerate of the people and remember that the destination you visited is their home their territory, so you have to follow according to their rules and adjust accordingly. 
  • Being too finicky has no room when you are in a remote place. Adjust to fit in, adapt, learn and enjoy to get the best out of your stay in a remote destination.  
  • Appreciate the beauty around you. Since your destination is in a remote place, be mindful that you may not be able to return to this place again, so might as well make the most out of your stay while you can. 
  •  Leave no trace of trash or rubbish.
  • Manage your expectation that fits according to the local culture. if you’re looking for efficiency when it comes to waiting, bear in mind that in remote places, things are not done in an instant. They are being done according to what has been culturally practiced. 

Be excited about what you will experience. Be open to adjust for inconveniences and look at the brighter side of it. It will provide you an authentic experience, as you adapt on the way of doing things in your destination. It enables you to be creative figuring out on your own and learn as well from the locals on how to handle such situations. All the encounters you’ll have from remotes places will give you the realistic and eye-opening experiences about the culture and its locals. and not just rose-eyed glasses ideas. 

Happy Travels! 💛

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