Oslob Heritage Park’s Cuartel de España and Other Ruins

Text & Photo: Kaycie Gayle Yambao

Some of the historically significant places in Cebu are found in Oslob Municipal Heritage Park. It is where Calle Aragones, Cuartel de España and Oslob’s Baluarte are quietly nestled. As you explore this area, you’ll get the chance to marvel at the landmarks that were once important in Oslob. 

Old streets

Two of the oldest streets in Oslob are located in this park. Calle Aragones, the oldest street that leads to the rest of the heritage park, and Calle Aeternidad. Despite that some changes have already been made, it has maintained to be charming with its sleepy small-town feel.

Oslob Heritage Park's Cuartel de España and Other Ruins Calle Aragones
Calle Aragones

Cuartel de España

As you walk along Calle Aragones, you are going to see the unfinished Cuartel de España. It was built to serve as a military barracks for the Spanish armies hence its name. Its construction started in 1860 but was put on hold when the Americans came in 1899. Since then this edifice remained unfinished.

The distinct feature of this edifice is its sturdy walls. As the marker of the structure indicated, it has a thickness of 19 centimeters. It is made of coral stones that came from the remnants of the collapsed floor of the bell tower facing it. If features two rows of arches and a picturesque alley.

Oslob Heritage Park's Cuartel de España and Other Ruins Cuartel de España
Cuartel de España

Museo Oslob

Behind the Cuartel de España is Museo Oslob. It is small but contains some of the important artifacts of the town. During my visit, I opted to focus on the open-air museum, but if you would like to know more about the town, a visit to the indoor museum is helpful.

Oslob Heritage Park's Cuartel de España and Other Ruins Museo Oslob on left side
Museo Oslob on left side


Farther down the road is the ruins of  Baluarte. It was built in 1788 along the coastline of Oslob to serve as a watchtower for the guards observing the surrounding areas. The structure which is now seemed to be half-sphere in shape is made of coral stone. On its top are crenelations that were once part of a battlement.

Oslob Heritage Park's Cuartel de España and Other Ruins Baluarte


Behind the museum and Cuartel is the baywalk. Lamp posts are lined up on this area with benches facing the waters. From this vantage point, you would appreciate the simple life scene in this laid back town. You may also marvel at the vast view of the ocean and enjoy the calmness it effortlessly evokes.

Oslob Heritage Park's Cuartel de España and Other Ruins Baywalk

Before I leave I sat for a while on the cemented benches to enjoy the seascape and just breathe in the fresh air. I’ve thought for a moment, that the same view might have been the reason why the Spanish invaders were enticed to build the barracks and the watchtower on this coastline.

Happy Travels! 💛

Any thoughts to share about Oslob? Let us know in the comments.

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