How Does Traveling Changes You?

TEXT: Kaycie Gayle Yambao

Whatever is the reason why you travel, you will certainly discover new things. You will take home the learning and realizations you’ve had during your journey. The things you have been exposed to and experienced have a way of influencing you even without you noticing it. It may have a slight impact on you internally but it will eventually manifest externally. You may think that the change is just a lingering vacation hangover, but you’ll soon observe that your preference and way of seeing things have been evolving. Whether your transformation is huge, small or just a shift in perspective, there’s no denying that travel has a way of changing you.

So how does travel changes you? Here are some of the ways that it may impact on you.

1. Travel changes you by making you more compassionate towards others. 

As you’ve seen the lives of people from a different place and experience it firsthand, you begin to understand their situation. When you truly comprehend what others are going through, you become more compassionate to them. It makes you become more open-minded to their reason for doing things.

2. Travel makes you more tolerant and less fearful of other cultures and other countries.

After visiting a place, you are more able to identify which are true and not among the notions and hearsay about a certain country. You are more keen on identifying which detail is sensationalized or sugarcoated. Moreover, you become more appreciative and respectful of other customs and way of doing things. Your personal encounters with the locals and exposure to their culture provides you a better understanding that guides you whether to believe an issue pertaining to them. You also develop a concern for the locals you met that when you go back home and heard a news about their place, you remember them and wonder how they are.

3. Travel molds you into a flexible, resilient, and strong person

As you embark on a journey to an unknown place with unfamiliar people, you become more courageous. Since you keep yourself away from your comfort zone, you become more independent and flexible. It is in this situation that you learn how to survive even in a different place. Through traveling, you learn to adjust to adapt thus making you a more resilient and adaptable person.

4. We become less materialistic and appreciate minimalism

Back at home, you may want to have a lot, but when you travel you realize that you’ll have to decide what is and what is not important. You identify which ones are worth carrying everywhere and what are those that you can go without. Learning to give up some things enable you to move around more freely and easily. Unnecessary baggage slows you down and may limit you from doing things, while releasing unnecessary ones is good not only for your back but also for your mind. When you travel, you’ll start to give more value to things that really matter may it be people, experiences or feelings. It will change the way you see your material things and the importance you give to them. You may also realize that you have been giving value to the things that are not really significant. 

Travel will certainly have an impact on your life. It will influence the way you see the world and even the way you carry yourself. It will educate you. The more you do it, the more you’ll learn. So if you want something in you to be changed, then travel.

Happy Travels! 💛

How about you? How has travel changed your life for the better? Share it with us.

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