Bilar Manmade Forest in Bohol

Bilar Man Made Forest in Bohol

TEXT & PHOTO: Kaycie Gayle Yambao

Some people consider that a drive through this area is just enough to see the place, while some think it’s just a tour infill, others see it’s a good stop on the way to other tourist spots. But for others, it is worth a special trip to appreciate its natural beauty. Whatever it is that you prefer, this spot will give you a nice peaceful break.

Slice of History

A simple preservation initiative of a group of people sometime in the 1960s has now become a tourist spot in Bohol. A reforestation project was done decades ago to replace trees that were lost from widespread ‘kaingin’ (slash-and-burn farming). This has become a forest not made exclusively by nature but with the efforts of men. This is now the Bilar man-made forest that we know today.

A road that passes through the forest

Despite being too easily accessible to the public, this forest has been maintained to be scenic and well protected. The two-kilometer stretch of the road has tall mahogany trees on both sides which forms like a somewhat tunnel over the road. Trudging this track means you have already gone inside the forest. The tall trees provide shade to the road and allow filtered light on the forest tunnel. The site of the symmetrical trees and falling leaves makes you appreciate the road that passes through the forest.

Bilar manmade forest in Bohol bend in the road
bend in the road

Responsible Tourism and Safety Precautions

A quirky “escapade” has been practiced here that others have been demurring. Some people who visit this place sit and even lay down in the middle of the highway just to get a compelling photo. This can be risky since the road is along a winding highway so the cars driving down may not be able to avoid you easily. Stopping by to take pictures is allowed, however precaution and being vigilant on speeding vehicles is advised. Since this highway is meant to be passed by vehicles and cars may come thick and fast, it is expected that tourists will adjust. The bend in the road, winding uphill highway and the inattentive tourists may cause congestion and inconvenience on both the motorists and other tourists.

Bilar Manmade Forest in Bohol Mahogany Trees
mahogany trees

This spot in Bohol exudes a mystifying vibe that gives you a feel of walking in a fairytale woodland. May you want to enjoy it on a lovely drive that only lasts for a few minutes, or spend some time walking along the quiet road full of trees, you will certainly appreciate its picturesque view.

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