Conical Chocolate Hills, a Natural Monument in Bohol

Conical Chocolate Hills, a Natural Wonder in Bohol

TEXT & PHOTO: Kaycie Gayle

More than a thousand of conical and dome-shaped mounds that spread over and rise from the surface of the plains of Bohol is this globally known natural attraction. Chocolate Hills continues to draw attention for its scenic and unique characteristics.

Chocolate Hills name

Its name has been derived from its natural color during the dry season when the vegetation dies off and the hills turn chocolatey brown and resemble to a field of giant Hershey kisses.

Conical Chocolate Hills, a Natural Monument in Bohol Road to Chocolate Hills

Two Viewing Sites

Of the thousand hills, two have been developed into resorts for tourism, the Sagbayan Peak and the viewing deck on Chocolate Hills Complex. The latter is the original resort located in Barangay Buenos Aires in Carmen which is a government-owned and operated resort.

Conical Chocolate Hills, a Natural Monument in BoholChocolate Hills Complex and the gazebos alongside the stairs

Climbing the Hill

To reach the viewing deck you would have to literally climb the hill by stepping on cemented stairs. This makes climbing easy that you wouldn’t even notice that you are indeed ascending on a hill. There are gazebos alongside the stairs, where you could rest should you get tired climbing. This is also a good spot for you to sit and look around the town of Carmen.

Conical Chocolate Hills, a Natural Monument in Bohol Stairs to the viewing deck

Viewing Deck

Upon reaching the top of the mound you’ll walk on its viewing deck. This spot will give you a 360° view of the hills that appears to be endless. Looking at the hills from afar, make it seem like they are similar in size and almost symmetrical in shape but they do actually vary in size. Since I went here during the rainy season, the hills are in verdant color due to the grass that covers it.

Conical Chocolate Hills, a Natural Monument in Bohol tourists on the viewing deck

The hills have a beautiful green backdrop as the flatland is used for rice and corn farming. Also, trees grow on the base of the hills making the surrounding look greener. Though the landscape looks like a planned man-made creation, it is actually a natural monument that exudes an organic beauty. 

Conical Chocolate Hills, a Natural Monument in Bohol Flatlands

Influx of Tourist

Rest assured that climbing up, staying on the viewing deck and descending on the mound will not be lonely since many tourists both local and foreign go here. This natural monument has become a famed tourist attraction as it makes every onlooker be awed with its majestic panoramas.

Conical Chocolate Hills, a Natural Monument in Bohol Tourists climbing up the hill

Certainly, the awe-inspiring landscape of this natural wonder with unobstructed views of the vegetation and absence of buildings and cable wires will make you appreciate the beauty of a clean and green surroundings even more.


Chocolate Hills Complex
Loay Interior Road, Carmen, Bohol
Open 24 hours

Road to Chocolate Hills Video

Chocolate Hills view from the deck

Any thoughts to share about Chocolate Hills? Let us know what you think in the comments.

Happy Travels! 💛

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