ATV Ride in Chocolate Hills, Bohol

ATV Ride in Chocolate Hills, Bohol

TEXT & PHOTO: Kaycie Gayle

Chocolate hills is mostly viewed from the top, but another way to see the famous hills is going to the rugged terrain plains to see it up close. A better way to explore it from the lowland is through having an Eco-adventure tour by riding an ATV (All-terrain vehicle). Before heading to the viewing deck to have a bird’s eye view of the brigade of thousands of mounds, ride down into valleys and nearby villages on the sides of the hills.

ATV Ride in Chocolate Hills, Bohol Chocolate Hills view from flatland

Choose between ATV or buggy car to explore the valleys. If you are inexperienced you can still take on the adventure as no experience is necessary.  Before the tour starts, you will be provided a waiver and have it read and sign. Also, you will be given a quick briefing and short orientation regarding ATV control and safety. All safety gear will be also provided before riding.  Prior to making your way around the hills, you will be instructed to test run your ATV on the backyard of the car rental souvenir shop to make sure that your vehicle is working properly and you can maneuver it comfortably. As you start driving, worry not of being detoured since you will be accompanied by an experienced adventure guide who is riding on a different ATV as well throughout your tour.

ATV Ride in Chocolate Hills, Bohol ATV and buggy cars parking lot

Expect to get down and dirty as the ride tends to be dusty when dry season and muddy during the rainy season. The ride gets thrilling as you drive on unpaved roads and rough terrains, and strategizing on how to pull your ATV after getting stuck on puddles.

As you drive your ATV, you will pass along hills, huts, and other fellow riders. Your guide will occasionally ask you to stop for some photo ops with the hills as your background. Since you won’t be able to take photos of yourself for having been so engrossed with the thrill of riding, your guide will ask for your camera so he can video your ride and take pictures of you. Trust him and follow his instructions so you can bring home souvenir photos with amazing shots and tricks

ATV Ride in Chocolate Hills, Bohol Other views you would see along your ATV ride

Should you want to experience viewing Chocolate Hills in an exciting way then try the ATV Eco-Adventure Tour. ATV Ride in Chocolate Hills definitely promises heaps of fun. Aside from the thrill, expect to see yourself tanner after being sun-kissed but definitely worth it. After seeing Chocolate Hills from below, then you may proceed to the viewing deck to appreciate it from the top.

ATV Eco-Adventure Tour
Address: Brgy. Buenos Aires, Carmen, Bohol.

ATV ride in Bohol

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