Chicharon of Carcar Cebu

One delicacy that the city of Carcar is known for is the chicharron or pork rind crackling. This local delicacy is common to be seen in its markets. As both locals and tourists enjoyed eating this crunchy treat, it is considered a must-buy for anyone visiting the town. Although many have been claiming that they are the original maker of chicharron, it’s difficult to identify who’s really the original and the best maker of pork rinds in Carcar. There are a lot of chicharron sellers in the area that offers really tasty ones, hence  making the town the center of the chicharron industry on the island of Cebu

Chicharon variants 

Chicharon is made of pork rind. It is boiled in water and well-seasoned with spices and salt before it is cooked in hot oil and turn into a crackling chicharron. The pork cracklings in this town come in two variants: the one with purely pork skin and the version with meat. Some prefer the ones with meat while others enjoy the version without the meat, either way, they both come perfect with plain vinegar.

Freshly popped chicharron

Freshly popped chicharrón can be easily obtained in Carcar as the makers consistently cook this crispy treat. Since Carcar is known for its chicharron making industry, the demand for this delicacy is high. People from different towns are ordering from them, hence they always have to cook a new batch. It is possible here that when you order even just a few packs, you can get fresh and hot hicharrón that has just has been made. It is easy to munch and empty a pack in just a few minutes since the fresher the Chicharrón is the better it tastes. Pork rinds cracklings shelf life would last for at least more than a week before it goes rancid.

Pork rinds cracklings

The local way of eating Chicharon

There are a variety of ways to eat chicharron. Some enjoy it as a viand and eat it with rice for a regular meal. Meanwhile, others used it as an ingredient to a dish to incorporate the distinct flavor of the cracklings on it. Meanwhile, most of the locals like to eat it as a snack and pair it with chili vinegar as a condiment.

Where to buy the delightful pork cracklings

Different vendors in Carcar sell chicharron in abundance. They are normally in kiosks or single table stores located in the rotunda and markets. Although it is almost impossible not to see chicharron in the town, you may ask Carcar locals where to buy it if you can’t find it. They will willingly point to you the best place to buy their beloved delicacy. There are also ambulant vendors, that would board on buses and sell it to passengers. Aside from buying it from peddlers, you can also buy chicharron in terminal stores. Moreover, it is available in pasalubong center, major supermarkets, and groceries in and around Metro Cebu

Quick Tip

If you go to Carcar to buy chicharron, you might as well explore the town. Carcar has other attractions to show. You can go to its heritage town to see old architecture. It has original and restored structures from the Spanish and American colonial periods.

Happy Travels! 💛

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