Mr. A Romantic Overlooking Restaurant in Cebu City

Mr. A Romantic Overlooking Restaurant in Cebu City

TEXT & PHOTO: Kaycie Gayle

How Did We Find It

When in Cebu, spend an evening at Mr. A’s Bar and Restaurant. We found this by accident when we were planning to go to Topps which is located in almost the same area. Since we had difficulty booking a grab car that would bring us there, an ex-pat recommended us to go to this place instead. He said we would have almost the same view and feel. Although it was recommended, I still managed my expectations since I thought we won’t be going to the most suggested overlooking spot at night. However, the moment we have reached it, I gasped realizing we found a gem. 


Mr. A is a restaurant located in the hilly part of Cebu. It is not that far from the city thus overlooking the main cities of the town. The view alone is a good reason to dine here, but the food offering and ambiance also makes the journey going here worth it. 

Mr. A Romantic Overlooking Restaurant in Cebu City Mr. A main restaurant's facade
Mr. A main restaurant’s facade


This restaurant provides indoor and outdoor dining. The previous offers a cozy ambiance that is perfect for family bonding, while the other offers Al fresco dining and is set on a spacious viewing deck. This section transforms into a romantic place at night as the combination of table lights, city skyline view and good food complements each other.

Mr. A Romantic Overlooking Restaurant in Cebu City Mr. A Viewing Deck
Viewing Deck

Back Story

I heard that originally this favorite spot in the restaurant used to be a parking space. The “original” restaurant is the indoor dining area. Eventually, the management placed tables and chairs outside as guests would bring their food and drinks out to admire the skyline view. As of writing, this has become the outdoor dining place which turned to be the well-loved spot and made the restaurant even more famous.

Mr. A Romantic Overlooking Restaurant in Cebu City Mr. A
Al fresco dining


Since this is popularly known among locals and a suggested ‘go-to’ place at night among tourists, there might be plenty of diners when you visit. Expect that service can be slow, though rest assured it’s friendly. When we visited we have to wait for someone to approach us to assign a table for us. Also, the time from ordering to delivering the food may take time since they are still yet to prepare your food to serve it hot and fresh. 

The Food

The wait was worth it. When our food was served, its aroma was appetizing. Food serving is generous with a simple presentation. When we visited, we ordered a tasty pizza which is just appropriately sized for two to three persons and a saucy pasta which has a blend of sweet and sour taste. Dining here would certainly give you a satisfying meal.

Mr. A Romantic Overlooking Restaurant in Cebu City Mr. A Saucy Pasta
Saucy Pasta
Mr. A Romantic Overlooking Restaurant in Cebu City Mr. A Tasty Pizza
Tasty Pizza

The Best Part

Since I visited the restaurant at night, the sparkling city lights from the nearby cities stood out the most to me when I was looking at the skyline. Some recommend coming here at dusk to see the sunset and how the darkness gradually enfolds the city view. As for me, I’m still content even I have arrived at night. I still enjoyed the food, the breeze, and the mesmerizing view.

We might have discovered this place accidentally, but it turns out to be unforgettable. Finding this spot is like finding a local gem. Once you’ve been to Mr. A you will surely look forward to keep going back.


Mr. A’s is located at Nivel Hills, Lower Busay Heights Lahug, Cebu City

 If you know someone who likes overlooking restaurants you may share this post to them or if you have any memorable dining experience, you may share it with us by writing in the comments section below. 

Happy Travels! 💛

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