Rana Hotel, a Cozy Place for Adventurers in Cebu City

TEXT & PHOTO: Kaycie Gayle

For someone who prefers airy spaces and avoids staying in enclosed areas and big buildings, Rana Hotel can be your choice when picking out accommodation. I was originally planning to book on a different hotel but when the travel agency notified me it was already fully booked, they recommended Rana Hotel instead.  I searched it online, and looked at its ‘airiness level’, and after seeing it has clean rooms, a vertical garden, and a veranda that will allow me to see the sun and sky at night, I agreed to be booked here. 

Rana Hotel Cebu City Philippines Hotel's Facade
Rana Hotel’s Facade

As seen as how it is advertised online, it is a hotel ideal for adventurous tourists who are only seeking comfortable and affordable accommodation and not really into unnecessary luxuries. During my stay, it is what I expected, an understated clean and cozy accommodation. Living up to my expectations, the hotel is really the same as advertised. They are offering affordable accommodation but not sacrificing its quality.

Rana Hotel Cebu City Philippines Front Desk
Rana Hotel’s Concierge

The hotel has just opened when I have stayed, more of like in the stage of soft opening. The building is newly built and there was no in-house restaurant yet, although I was told that it is being set up then. The hotel is clean, tidy and peaceful, and all the reasons that made say ‘yes’ to book here were all spotted, the vertical garden on the parking lot, the open-air hallways, and clean room and bathroom. 

Rana Hotel Cebu City Philippines Open-air Hallway
Rana Hotel’s Open Veranda


Its new and simple rooms can be opened through a key card. They are maintained clean through the daily room service. It is furnished with a bed, tables and a flat-screen TV with satellite channels. Meanwhile, its neat bathroom has a wooden sliding door and a reliable hot and cold shower. Provided inside are the properly folded and hanged towels, shampoo and body wash on a liquid soap dispenser.

Rana Hotel Cebu City Philippines Restroom
Rana Hotel’s Comfort Room

For people who have jam-packed itineraries when in Cebu, Rana Hotel is a good choice. Mostly I only stay here at night to sleep. After a day of exploring out, what I’m looking for when I get back is a comfortable place to stay that would allow me to have a good night’s sleep. I also wanted a place where I can enjoy bathing and would allow me to breath fresh air when I want to. The travel agency was right when he recommended it to me. It is simple, clean, organized, safe and comfortable.

Rana Hotel Cebu City Philippines Bedroom
Rana Hotel’s Beds

When in Rana Hotel, expect that they will provide you what they promised nothing more, but not anything less. They take pride in providing comfortable accommodation to adventurers. But more than that, I appreciate that during the couple of days that I stayed in this hotel, I would always see my room clean, with new sheets and towels whenever I get back. Moreover, I am secured that even when I leave my valuables not properly kept, I would still see it in the places where I left them. This made me thought that it is a trustworthy hotel for providing a good service may it be dealing with them face to face or even when you are out.


Rana Hotel is a recommendable place to stay in the middle of Cebu City. If you will go here through “GrabCar” just be sure to be attentive as you may pass through it already without noticing. During my stay, it has been pinned on the online map at a different location. It is best to look at the window of the car to watch out if you are already passing it. They are located at 21 General Echavez St, Cebu City, 6000 Cebu, Philippines. 

Disclaimer: This post is not sponsored. All expenses were shouldered by the author. All photos are from Kaycie Gayle

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