Viral Photo of Silver-haired Couple Dating at McDonald’s Philippines

A silver-haired couple that seemed to have lost track of their surrounding by being so indulged with each other has been spotted by Al Oliver Reyes Alonzo when he was dining at a McDonald’s branch in the Philippines. The grandpa was lovingly gazing at his wife while both his hands were tucked under his chin that rested on the edge of the table. His admiration for her was obvious while he had the widest smile on his face. Smitten by the scene, Alonzo snapped a photo and post it on his Facebook account. In its captions its says ‘”Pagtanda natin, I’d still look at you like this” which means “Even when we are old, I’d still look at you like this.”

When this photo was published in May 21, 2019 it has gone viral and as of writing it has reached 74K likes and has been shared thousands of times. Many have even tagged their loved ones to profess their love for their significant others. Surely, this photo has made people still believe that a love that lasts till the golden years is possible.

Photo courtesy: Al Oliver Reyes Alonzo / Facebook

If you know any viral photos and stories like this share it with us by writing on the comment section below.

Happy Travels! 💛

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