Baluarte Vigan Ilocos Sur Philippines Big cats

Baluarte of Big Cats in Vigan

Last Updated: December 2, 2019

TEXT & PHOTO: Kaycie Gayle

Baluarte is an interactive wildlife park in Vigan that is home to rare animals from different regions in the world. Tourist would normally visit this park to see live animals  and even preserved ones.

Baluarte Vigan Philippines Park Visitors
Park Visitors

Stations in Baluarte Vigan

To explore Baluarte, you have to first choose the features you want to see and the manner you want to tour around the complex. You may explore the park by walking or riding an electronic cab with a Hop-on, Hop-off riding system. As for me, I chose to ride the big cart to save time to be able to explore more. The moment that the e-cab starts, you will begin to notice the vastness of the area. In a few minutes, the driver will tell you that you have reached the first stop. As you look around, you will see animals roaming around freely.

Baluarte Vigan Philippines Pond
Baluarte Vigan Philippines Greenfields
Baluarte Vigan Philippines Electronic Cab
Electronic Cab

STATION 1: Animal Feeding in an Open Area for Animals

On this station, I was able to come closer to an ostrich, a sheep, and a pony. Here, visitors can have the chance to interact with the animals by feeding and gently touching them. Taller animals like camels and zebras can also freely move since they are placed in a somewhat natural setting with boundaries up to where they can wander. From your vantage point, you can observe what they naturally do and how they do things.

Baluarte Vigan Philippines Camel
Baluarte Vigan Philippines Sheep
Baluarte Vigan Philippines Ostrich

STATION 2: Safari Gallery

The second stop is a structure that is filled with displays of preserved wild animals and hunting trophy collection of the owner. Baluarte in Vigan is owned by a previous governor in the province whose hobby is hunting. When his collection has grown too big, he has set up the gallery and included the zoo. This part of the park may not be appreciated by people who are not into animal hunting but if you wanted to see how exotic animals look like up close, then this is worth a visit. This gallery gives you an actual idea of the animals’ size, skin texture, and how big and pointy their fangs are.

Baluarte Vigan Philippines_Safari Gallery
Safari Gallery facade
Baluarte Vigan Philippines Elephant
Baluarte Vigan Philippines Buffalo
Preserved Lion and Buffalo
Baluarte Vigan Philippines Lion Tiger
Lion and Tiger
Baluarte Vigan Philippines Preserved Animal Heads
Preserved Animal Heads

STATION 3: Close Encounter with a White Lion

On the third station, you will have a photo op with an albino lion. If you fear this creature and seeing fangs intimidates you then worry not, because the caretakers ensure that it is tame. Since the lion is my favorite feared animal, and have always find it so fascinating, this part is my most favorite station in the park. While waiting for the electric cab that will fetch you to bring you to the next station, you may as well look at the big cats in the other cages like Bengal tigers and leopards.

Baluarte Vigan Philippines Albino Lion
Albino Lion

STATION 4: The Tiger’s Haven

The last stop is the station where the tigers are. Compared to the lion, I was more uneasy sitting next to the tiger though it is tame. Since the animal caretakers assured me it is safe, I was able to have an awkward smile for my photo op. Pay attention to what this area offers, as you may miss other features. You will also see here reptiles on cages and even a real albino snake shedding skin.

Baluarte Vigan Philippines Walkway
Way to the Tiger’s Station
Baluarte Vigan Philippines Wooden Bench
Baluarte’s Wooden Bench
Baluarte Vigan Philippines Tiger

Before leaving the home of the big cats in Vigan, take some time to strike a pose on Baluarte’s signage for your photo souvenir. This is a good way to conclude your Baluarte tour.

Baluarte Vigan Philippines Signage
Baluarte signage


Baluarte Vigan is located at  Quirino Boulevard, Vigan City, Ilocos Norte, Philippines

Disclaimer: This post is not sponsored. All expenses were shouldered by the author. All photos are from Kaycie Gayle

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