Casa De Viajero Tourist Inn Laoag Ilocos Philippines

Casa de Viajero, a House for Travelers in Laoag City, Ilocos

TEXT & PHOTO: Kaycie Gayle

The name Casa Viajero which can be translated to House of Travelers speaks for itself being a home that accepts travelers who need lodging while touring or sojourning, in Laoag Ilocos.

Casa de Viajero Tourist Inn Facade
Facade and its open gate for tourists

A house that has been developed to become a tourist inn, Casa Viajero has the feel and features of a simple yet cozy home. From the street, it looks like a modest house with a peach-colored fence and brown gate with hanging plants on terracotta-colored plastic pots. Stepping into its partially open gate, the ambiance of native and luxuriant foliage welcomes you with its indoor plants and slim bamboo sticks on the backdrop. Colorful wooden signage of directions would guide you where is where so even without a person to welcome you when you come in you are still guided to comfortably explore the tourist inn in the same way as you do at home.

Casa de Viajero Tourist Inn Gate
Casa Viajero as seen from the street with a parked tourist van service
Casa de Viajero Tourist Inn Stairs
Indoor plants
Casa de Viajero Tourist Inn Signpost
Colorful wooden signage

Providing the comfort and the feel of being in an authentic typical Filipino home makes it the first choice among tour providers in Ilocos in booking their clients especially if they are local travelers who are looking for modest accommodation.  Despite not providing luxurious amenities, this is mostly fully booked especially during peak season as this tourist inn fittingly embodies a real casa for travelers and meets the expectation of what a tourist inn is supposed to be. If you are a traveler looking for a laid back accommodation, then most probably you need some essentials that Casa Viajero certainly provides.

Reasons why it’s a Real Casa for Travelers

 1. Conveniently located Inn

Any traveler would appreciate a place that is conveniently located that would allow them to buy their needs may it be food or any necessity for personal care and hygiene. An inn that is close to the market, restaurants and a place where you can feel the pulse of the city. Casa Viajero is just a walking distance to Laoag city downtown, Tobacco Monopoly Monument, Aurora Park, and the famous Sinking Bell Tower. If you are the kind of person who likes to walk around to feel the vibe of the city then this is definitely a good choice of accommodation.

Casa de Viajero Tourist Inn Loft
A loft overlooking the street and the dining area with native tables, chairs, and ornaments

2. An inn that allows comfortable sleep and a good rest

A practical traveler needs a comfortable place to stay at night. It doesn’t need to be so grand but must be comfortable enough since tourists are mostly out during the day and just go back at night to sleep. They are not really after sophisticated amenities because they are not there for a staycation and won’t have enough time to enjoy it. Casa Viajero knows this hence offers modest accommodation yet a comfortable one. For a traveler who really explores outside, they need a clean and decent room where they could have a good night’s sleep to rest comfortably and this tourist inn meets that need. The kind of room they provide varies and depends on the guest number whether they are coming in a group or individual. They have several rooms and the room that I’ve been to is called Tatang which is furnished with a double-deck bed with clean sheets and soft mattresses. It also has a flat tv and private bathroom. Just a fun fact most of their rooms are located on the second floor which allows travelers who pass by the indoor balcony peek at a loft across and the view and conversations in the dining area.

Casa de Viajero Tourist Inn Bed
Double Deck Bed of ‘Tatang’ Room
Casa de Viajero Tourist Inn TV
Flat-screen TV and a stool in the room

3. An inn with good food for complimentary breakfast

A traveler may be excited to tour around early, but they have to make sure they got the energy, ergo, a need for a hearty breakfast.  This inn allows its guests to taste one of the famous local delicacies in the province, hence introducing the culinary flavors and local palate among travelers. On a personal note, one of my favorite Filipino delicacies is ‘Beef Tapa’ which I have developed a discriminating tongue for it after trying lots of tapas before and I must say the Beef Tapa served in this tourist inn is one of the good Tapas I’ve tasted. Another favorite I’ve tried here is the Longganisa Ilocos or the Philippine version of sausage. Typically, the Longannisa I’ve used to eating is the sweet one, and have not really preferred the salty ones. But this inn has developed my liking to it and made me a fan of salted Longganisa with its garlicky flavor that when I got back home, I ended up missing it.

Casa de Viajero Tourist Inn Dining Area
Tables with plants

4. A fresh-looking inn at any time of the day

The commonplace of this casa is the best part of it.  Enjoy good food as you stay on the casa’s dining area cum lobby which allows you to mingle with others while filling your tummies. It has distinctive features such as the wooden mini bar, a water well on the side, and polished red tiles. It is furnished with wooden tables, chairs and capiz window turned tables topped with glass. The woody and earthy feel of this place is balanced with a refreshing look with the randomly placed indoor plants and the sound of chirping birds.

Casa de Viajero Tourist Inn Water Well
The inn’s bar and a water well on its side
Casa de Viajero Tourist Inn Dove
Doves and plants
Casa de Viajero Tourist Inn Capiz Window
capiz window turned tables

4. An inn that allows you to meet and greet

Good food complimented with good conversation with fellow tourists certainly makes any meal enjoyable. If you are sociable and want to exchange notes of experiences you had in the place or want to get some tips from fellow travelers, then this is definitely a good place to stay for you. All you have to do is sit in the dining hall during breakfast and you’re sure to be able to mingle with other travelers. Just be there, smile, start a conversation, and share a seat if you want to gain a friend. Travelers may be stranger to each other at first but eventually becomes acquaintances after chitchat. So when in Casa Viajero expect to have an encounter with fellow travelers every morning.

Casa de Viajero Tourist Inn Wooden Table
A long table that you may share with a fellow traveler.

Casa Viajero is a tourist inn for travelers so it is but natural to come across with travelers when staying here. With its clean and modest accommodation that makes local tourists flock here to its ample sized dining hall that enables travelers to see and speak with each other, it definitely leads you to encounter diverse and vibrant local tourists.

This House for Travelers is located at Brgy. 22 #8 L. Ablan Street Laoag City, Philippines

Disclaimer: This post is not sponsored. All expenses were shouldered by the author. All photos are from Kaycie Gayle

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