Patapat Viaduct Pagudpud Ilocos Norte Philippines


Long drives may be boring and stressful at times however, driving can also turn into relaxing leisure given that you have a good view. For tired drivers, passing along Patapat Viaduct could be a reward as it gives drivers a majestic view.

Patapat Viaduct is an elevated winding road set beside the coastal mountains. On one side you can see that it’s just several meters from the mountainside while it’s flanked on the other side with rocky seashore and overlooking to Pasaleng Bay thus making it one of the most scenic and most photographed bridges in the country

2019-08-24_15.01.02View of Pasaleng Bay from Patapat Viaduct

An addition to the appeal of this bridge is that as you traverse the viaduct you will pass the Mabugabog Falls where you can see the water flowing rhythmically from precipice down to the rocky shore towards the sea below.

The spectacular view that this viaduct offers has made it become one of the tourist attraction in Ilocos. The view is so stunning that leaves you in awe and just passing through it would not be enough if you know you have some spare time to stay for a while. Knowing that passing it while driving would be too quick and you would want to look more of it than just viewing it from your car’s window. Its view is so enticing that makes you want to pull over at the side of the highway and alight from your car just to take time to appreciate and seize the beauty of the surrounding. Hence, despite that it is a busy highway, motorists understand that a lot stop here to snap some photos, and have the bridge, the mountain, and the sea altogether in the backdrop.

While you’re here, you may also want to do something fun and try to trace where you are currently at by looking at your phone’s map application or google map, and you’ll find it thrilling to see that you can clearly trace where you are because you are exactly located at the northernmost extremity of the main island of Luzon.

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