Immaculate Natural Sculpture of Kapurpurawan Rock Formation

TEXT & PHOTO: Kaycie Gayle

If you are into sculptures then you would know how intricate and laborious it is and how carving and shaping would take time in order to produce a masterpiece. If a sculpture made by hands is something that you appreciate then most probably you would be more awed when you see a sculpture shaped naturally.

Interested in seeing the natural sculpture I’ve heard from people who have gone to Ilocos, I have visited Kapurpurawan Rock Formation myself, but what was missing in the stories I’ve heard was that getting to that famous immaculate Rock Formation requires a short hike which you have to go through under the heat of the sun. But despite the heat and the hike, you’ll be compensated with scenic views that you’ll eventually say its worth it.

From the drop off point where the souvenir shops are located, you would have to step down on the stairs and start to trek in a dirt path that is not too steep. In your hike towards the rugged shore, expect to pass footpaths, bridges, and stairs that lead to the rock formation hence making the trek easier. However, for those who do not want to walk, there are available horses to ride. In my case, I opted to walk since I want to get the best out of the hike and be able to stop and enjoy the spots that interest me. While walking, I realized that aside from the main highlight of the place which is the rock formation itself there are other scenic spots that this place offers that when collectively thought of justifies why it has become one of the most visited spots in Ilocos.

2019-07-02_17.34.12Drop off point

2019-07-02_19.49.55Foothpath and Bridge

Walking towards the rocky coast will provide you a backdrop of the crystal blue waters while also passing on the displays of miniature of windmills. As you get closer, you’ll also see tidal pools where you would most probably want to dip your feet. There are also boulders along the way which makes it like a natural display.

2019-07-02_20.11.51Miniature of windmill

2019-07-02_20.06.19Tidal pool

In a few more steps you’ll have a view of the immaculate creamy white limestone formation which has been sculpted through the natural process of sedimentation making it an art of nature. Because of the alabaster rock formation’s color that even becomes whiter when the sun lits on it, the natural sculpture was named as ‘Kapurpurawan’, which was taken from the Ilocano word “puraw“, which means white.

2019-07-02_19.45.04A view of Kapurparawan Rock Formation

To ensure the safety of the tourists and protect the crumbling natural sculpture, tourists cannot come close to it during the time I visited it. Although you can have an experience on how it feels to come closer to it by going to the nearby formation which you will see as you continue to explore and trek. In going to the other alabaster rock formation, you’ll be rewarded with a view of verdant landscapes and promontories. and eventually, be able to climb it being it a much tougher than the previous rock formation. Up close you will see that it has creamy white clefts carved from erosion and its cliff is marked with jagged lines and sharp curves. Since the cliff is topped with local vegetation, sea birds, reptiles, and mammals can dwell on it as well. Though the cliff may be soft looking on the pictures probably due to its color you’ll realize upon touching it that its texture is actually rough. Meanwhile, on its ground are ebbing tide exposed on large tidal pools and mudflats where the waters on it reflect the sky, the rock formation, and even your face when you look at it.

2019-07-02_19.48.15Verdant landscape


Upon satisfying yourself in exploring the rock formation and opt to go back you’ll realize again that you need to trek back but rest assured that you would still enjoy it since you’ll have a different backdrop,  this time the background you’ll see are the towering windmills from the green hills of Burgos Wind Farm.

2019-07-02_20.02.22Greenhills and Windmills

2019-07-02_19.41.40Hills and sea view



2019-07-02_19.37.18Green and blue hues 

Visiting this place made me pause for a while and realize that some of the masterpieces that we know are shaped by human hands, but actually, the greatest masterpieces that we have has been shaped by our Creator. Should you want to visit this rock formation, it is located on the rocky coast of Burgos, Ilocos Norte.

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