Fascinating Food and Furnitures at Suoq

TEXT & PHOTO: Kaycie Gayle

One of the things I am fascinated with is discovering restaurants which I haven’t thought they are by just looking at their facade but eventually be surprised upon entering its doors. This is exactly what I have experienced in Suoq Restaurant which looks quirky and mystique and has a resemblance of a warehouse from the outside. There’s nothing elegant from its facade which seemed to me too modest being patched up with different materials. The lower part of the facade is whitewashed with a shabby chic looking wooden signage that’s bearing the restaurant’s name, meanwhile, its upper part is seemed to be made of long span roofing sheet that is painted with gray. Its look is softly balanced by the sprawling plants and flowers on the entrance door which crawls up to the roof and gives color to the plain-looking structure. While on top of its door is a glass window topped with a window shutter. It looks interestingly quirky outside, but upon entering you’d realize that inside is even better with lots of interesting pieces.

2019-05-17_15.45.11Wooden signage

Upon approaching the entrance you would instantly see the central alleyway leading to the different doors inside the compound. You would be surprised that it is actually big after noticing that it has a high ceiling and has more doors to discover inside. Placed on its center is the round foyer table with plants on pots and the woodwork restaurant’s name painted with gold.

2019-05-17_15.34.52Foyer Table

The moment you traverse on the central alley, you would see different nooks with interesting pieces of furniture. Random tables and chairs are put together but somehow still makes the place look tastefully designed even without following a particular theme on the displays. One of the interesting pieces i found here is the water metal drum turned table. Meanwhile, if you walk further the compound, you’ll discover that it has other restaurants along both sides of the alleyway.

2019-05-17_15.58.09Central Alley

2019-05-17_15.46.28Mixed material furniture

2019-05-17_15.50.55Rustic Stairs

2019-05-17_15.54.09Long table and multi-colored chairs displayed

2019-05-17_15.47.55Random chairs

2019-05-17_15.56.04Sofa and chairs

2019-05-17_15.52.34Long tables and chairs

2019-05-17_16.01.28Drum Table


Upon walking along the alleyway, I came across a man and asked where is the restaurant and he pointed me the way towards it. Upon entering, the first thing I noticed was the interesting furniture that’s used on it, from the tables and chairs where the diners would eat to the random display of furniture like the mirror and the quirky antique looking chandeliers. For a moment I was reminded that this eclectic restaurant is actually co-owned by a furniture shop owner, hence, it’s no surprise to see different styles of furniture as this restaurant also serves as a showroom as well. The beautiful interiors used serves twofold, one allowing guests to use it while dining and second a display for sale that guests can take home should they want to buy it.


The restaurant is aptly named as Suoq which means Marketplace in Arabic. Marketplaces are filled with random items for sale, and this restaurant is also randomly designed with different interesting pieces for sale. Despite being randomly displayed with furniture and seemed mismatched yet it still blends well together.


The beautifully designed furniture matches the delish food they are serving. Upon seeing Lemon Cucumber Juice, I have instantly ordered it which I must say is good even for those who have a discriminating taste buds. Made with lemon extract with real floating bits of cucumber and slices of lemons, this drink is healthy and refreshing.  Despite that the lemon has a strong sour taste, the cucumber flavor is not overpowered as you can still taste it’s flavor distinctively hence perfectly blends with its soury-lemony taste, and its sweetness is just enough.

Another favorite dish that they offer is Aligue Pasta, wherein its pasta is cooked aldente and its sauce is made up of crab fat, shrimp and mushrooms. It is topped with bean sprouts and is served with a soft garlic bread on the side.

2019-05-17_15.43.37Lemon Cumcumber Juice

2019-05-17_15.36.05Aligue Pasta

If you want to experience dining amidst different beautifully designed furniture then a visit to Suoq is definitely worth it. This restaurant cum showroom is situated at Lazatin Boulevard, Dolores Homesite, San Fernando, Pampanga.


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