Serenity Found at Zion Prayer Tower

ZION PRAYER TOWER, ANGELES CITY – On our way searching for this place, I was looking for a towering edifice, however, when I saw a two-story, octagon shaped structure bearing the name of the prayer tower, I have realized we found it, hence we decided to go inside. 

2019-03-20_20.08.09Original Structure of Zion Prayer Tower

Upon entering, we were welcomed by the volunteers who were overseeing the place. After briefing us, we registered by writing our names on the registration list and we were ushered to read the house rules in the prayer tower. After a few minutes of familiarizing ourselves with the house rules, we chose our prayer room by picking from a list of rooms named after life values or principles. As for me, I have chosen Wisdom, hence I went to the wisdom room while my colleague went to the Grace room. Our rooms are both located on the second floor, ergo after taking off our footwear and placing it on the shoe shelf, we ascended on the double carpeted stairs that lead to a hall.

2019-03-16_11.31.52Receiving Area

2019-03-16_10.42.24Room names hanging on the wall

2019-03-16_10.38.24List of house rules and the shoe shelf

2019-03-16_10.44.50Prayer room and community hall on the ground floor

2019-03-16_10.41.18Double stairs leading to second floor

2019-03-16_11.23.19Carpeted Stairs

The hall on the second floor is where community prayer can be held. It is an octagon-shaped hall with long benches in the middle and surrounded by white doors which are leading to different prayers rooms. On one side of it is a bulletin board with a high table where pen and different colored papers are available for writing your prayer requests and praise list. After scribbling down, you may fold and tuck your paper on the bulletin board’ so the volunteers would see it and be able to pray for your requests as well. Meanwhile, after I have written down my prayer requests on a pink paper, I proceeded to the room beside it which is the Wisdom Room. 

2019-03-16_11.15.40Community Hall on the second floor

2019-03-16_11.18.00Occupied and vacant Rooms surrounding the community hall

2019-03-16_11.21.19Joy, Peace, Wisdom, Power, Liberty Rooms

2019-03-16_11.03.41Bulletin board

Upon getting inside the room, I have closed the door with no lock and looked around the spacious prayer room with big windows. Inside it has one monoblock chair, a prayer kneeler, and a fan. To be able to focus on meditating and praying, I have opted to sit comfortably on the carpeted floor and have brought out my pink folded paper to pray about my list.

2019-03-16_11.01.16Wisdom Room

As I  closed my eyes, I have felt the serenity of the place that had set my mood to reflect and encouraged me to pray even more. Hearing the sound of birds’ chirping while praying,  I am reminded of how God has been so gracious to me. Staying in this place had made me pray spontaneously that I didn’t even notice that I am praying longer. The ambiance encouraged me to freely express whatever that comes up to my mind may it be sentiments in life, simple joys that I have, and praises to God. This is one of the places where I enjoyed praying and reminds of how it feels good to pray that even after it, I felt light. This place naturally enables you to focus on communicating with God, which is ultimately the purpose of why people retreat by going to prayer tower or mountains.

2019-03-16_11.11.33Prayer kneeler in Wisdom Room

Anyone can come here anytime and the admission is free though donations can be accepted should visitors wish to give. They only require guests to inform them in advance if they will be coming in groups so the volunteers can properly make some arrangements on the schedule of the room’s usage to prevent people from waiting too long to pray. Also, visitors must be mindful that the maximum stay in a room is two hours. 

2019-03-16_11.05.58Love, Faith, Hope rooms

This prayer tower is located at Miracle Avenue, Villa Dolores Subdivision, 2009 Angeles City, Pampanga. 


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