Doors of Pinto Art Museum Part 4: Pinto Academy for Arts and Sciences for Healing and Wholeness

TEXT & PHOTO: Kaycie Gayle

Pinto Academy for Arts and Sciences for Healing and Wholeness

Upon descending on the wide concrete stairsteps following the downward slope of the landscape, I have seen two different routes leading to two different compounds. I opted to take the right route again and enter another white arched entrance where I was transported to a paved space with recurring white wrought iron garden sets chairs and daybeds and is also amidst side trees and gardens. As I continue striding  I come across a stoneware of a man holding on a boulder as if climbing on a steep hill. A few more steps and I was already staring at the edifice of Pinto Academy for Arts and Sciences for Healing and Wholeness. This was said to be inspired by the belief that in earlier times, the arts have always played an integral part in the attainment of a well-lived life. Looking around, I have seen another spacious shady patio with brown cobbled grounds with a wall that has arched windows and is peppered with the wrought iron chairs and a four poster bed without a mattress. Moving on, I descended on the outdoor staircase leading down to a garden square with orderly landscaping with well-tended carabao grass and stylized plants. From the landing, one would appreciate the immaculate white walls of the structure, the green scenery of the garden and its clear blue skies backdrop. A perfect combination of nature and art in architecture that definitely produced a calm and refreshing atmosphere.

56 pinto art museum - misswoman.coArched entrance to Pinto Academy

57 pinto art museum - misswoman.coGateway to Pinto Academy

58 pinto art museum - misswoman.coPaved space with wrought iron garden set

59 pinto art museum - misswoman.coSeats available

60 pinto art museum - misswoman.coStoneware of a man holding on a bolder 

61 pinto art museum - misswoman.coA shady spot with day bed and chairs

62 pinto art museum - misswoman.coPinto Academy patio

63 pinto art museum - misswoman.coChairs and four-poster bed on the patio

64 pinto art museum - misswoman.coPinto Academy

65 pinto art museum - misswoman.coBell tower of Pinto Academy

Proceeding on the ground floor of the bell tower, I have seen a gallery of posters of classic local films printed in black and white. While across it is another gallery that contains boulders, rocks, and jars. Wondering what view to see upstairs I have climbed to see another roof deck. Up on it is an amphitheater which has a sloping design and inspired by the ancient Roman theaters with its components like the cavea, the vomitorium and the arena where three shrouded figures of women are placed on the center. Meanwhile climbing on its cavea has lead me to its vomitorium where I was able to enter another roof deck that offers a bird’s eye view of the garden square and patios below.

66 pinto art museum - misswoman.coTastefully designed cloister

67 pinto art museum - misswoman.coLine of posters on the wall

68 pinto art museum - misswoman.coPainting and interconnected slim tables

69 pinto art museum - misswoman.coBlack and White movie poster collection

70 pinto art museum - misswoman.coStone and boulder rock collection

71 pinto art museum - misswoman.coBoulder as part of the interior design of the gallery

72 pinto art museum - misswoman.coOld Jars Collection

73 pinto art museum - misswoman.coStairs leading to the roof deck

74 pinto art museum - misswoman.coAmphitheater

75 pinto art museum - misswoman.coThree Muse

76 pinto art museum - misswoman.coCavea and Stairs

77 pinto art museum - misswoman.coStairs leading to a roof deck’s doorway 

78 pinto art museum - misswoman.coA glimpse to another roof deck

79 pinto art museum - misswoman.coWater plants on the roof deck’s basin

80 pinto art museum - misswoman.coPinto Academy’s Roof deck

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Disclaimer: This post is not sponsored. All expenses were shouldered by the author. All photos are from Kaycie Gayle


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