Doors of Pinto Art Museum (Part 3)

TEXT & PHOTO: Kaycie Gayle

I proceeded back to the open court garden near the entrance and noticed the vastness of their artworks doted both indoors and outdoors. The green lawn has intriguing art installations made of stone, metal, and wax statues that is well blended with nature. Some of the spotted interesting art pieces here are the basin with lotus leaves, the bronze sculpture of eight men, and the steel art of a pregnant woman. Consistently it is peppered with white wrought iron daybed, and other outdoor garden set furniture.

38 pinto art museum - misswoman.coEntrance lawn with wrought iron day bed

39 pinto art museum - misswoman.coHouse at the back of the Chapel and Cafe Rizal

40 pinto art museum - misswoman.coGreen Lawn

41 pinto art museum - misswoman.coSteel art of a pregnant woman

42 pinto art museum - misswoman.coThe bronze sculpture of eight men

Meanwhile, a little quaint whitewashed Chapel is located on this garden. Passing through its antique wooden arched doors has led me to an indoor with limited space where two wooden kneelers are placed in the middle. It is also modestly adorned with stained glass window and an antique wall bronze fountain with a faucet.

43 pinto art museum - misswoman.coChapel

44 pinto art museum - misswoman.coBronze wall fountain with a faucet

45 pinto art museum - misswoman.coDoorway leading towards the small gate to the Upper Garden

Moving forward, between the chapel and the cafe is what they call as the Meditation Garden. Its theme is inspired by the love story of Jose Rizal, the country’s national hero, and Leonor Rivera. It has a desk containing letters that seemed to be collected yet undelivered, hence the plain curious ones are not allowed to read the letters of heartbreak. Meanwhile, should you want to write anonymous letters to the ones whom you had loved and lost there are pens and stationeries available on top of the desk that you can use, but expect that it won’t be delivered but just be part of the collection.

46 pinto art museum - misswoman.coDesk containing undelivered letters of heartbreak

Next to it is Cafe Rizal where you can have a meal should you get hungry while exploring the vast compound or just to have a drink to cap off your visit to the museum. Across it is a patio where different designs of white wrought iron garden chairs and tables with glass top are placed which is available for anyone who would like to sit while taking a quick break.

47 pinto art museum - misswoman.coCafe Rizal outdoor

48 pinto art museum - misswoman.coEntrance to Cafe Rizal

49 pinto art museum - misswoman.coCafe Rizal indoor

50 pinto art museum - misswoman.coOutdoor chairs across Cafe Rizal

Just after a few steps, I was already standing at the arched whitewashed entrance. It has two pocket holes on both sides where a clay sculpture of two pregnant woman having birth pains are placed. Meanwhile, its side has a faucet where water flows continuously to a ground basin with floating lotus leaves. Standing on the upper landing of the arched entrance enabled me to appreciate that it was set on a rolling hillside wherein instead of leveling the hilly area, it’s terrain has just been worked on to conform the rugged landscape while still keeping its boulders and outcroppings. From here a view of Pueblo looking community unveils.

51 pinto art museum - misswoman.coArched whitewashed entrance

52 pinto art museum - misswoman.coGround basin with faucet

53 pinto art museum - misswoman.coArched Entrance view from the lower landing

All structures are whitewashed with open-air Mediterranean-style villas. With it being plain the place complements with nature as it is amidst the green lush gardens. The design is consistent with that of Spanish Eclectic Architecture or Mission Revival Style Architecture but with an impression of Santorini, Greece for its theme color which is ocean blue and white. Cubic structures with flat roofs, brick and stucco walls, clay roofing, arched doorways, wide doors, dark hardwood accents, naturally-lit rooms and ventilation from its window are the common uniform details of each structure. These are made aesthetically charming by intricate stone wells, fountains, and sprawling vines.

54 pinto art museum - misswoman.coPueblo looking structure

55 pinto art museum - misswoman.coGuests going down towards the museums


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Disclaimer: This post is not sponsored. All expenses were shouldered by the author. All photos are from Kaycie Gayle


2 thoughts on “Doors of Pinto Art Museum (Part 3)

  1. Thank you Carl. Really glad that you liked this post. This place is definitely for the nature lover and art enthusiasts. Hope you’ll have fun when you visit this museum.. Happy Traveling. 🙂


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