The Doors of Pinto Art Museum (Part 2)

TEXT & PHOTO: Kaycie Gayle

Lower Gardens

From the roof deck, I have seen white structures and pocket gardens that is manicured on the sloping area, hence I went down and trudge the winding pebble cemented pathway leading to what they call as the Lower Garden. Uncertain what to explore first, I decided to Keep Right which brought me to a yellow Mediterranean inspired structure called Casita Amarillo. As of writing, it is closed and even its glass window and door is covered with white curtain ergo it’s interior cannot be seen, however, it’s nice shabby chic chairs placed outside the structure allows you to stay for a while. Across it is a platform with an open-air thatched roof hut with creatively designed posts. It is perched on the hill that has a tropical garden view that seemingly invites you to rest on either its benches or chair and just simply place your bag on its center table.

19 pinto art museum - misswoman.coCasita Amarillo

20 Disclaimer: This post is not sponsored. All expenses were shouldered by the author. All photos are from Kaycie GayleShabby chic chairs

21 pinto art museum - misswoman.coThatched roof hut 

Resisting to sit, I opted to wander around to find other pleasant surprises, and then I found an aged door with a signpost that says strictly private, hence, I proceeded to another white structure with cerulean blue antique doors and aged capiz window. Upon looking at the map it says its the Mindanao Collection Gallery while its colorful and creative theme confirms it. From the attractive tiles on the hallway to the gong placed just outside the structure reflects the Mindanaoan rich culture and heritage collection. Inside, I was introduced to an intricately designed chest box, with a copper jar placed on it and other traditional musical instruments from percussion to stringed instruments. Meanwhile, it’s stairs has led me down to a somewhat living room that seems to be consistently Mindanaoan inspired. There are also pottery art pieces, copper plate jars, tapestry, ornaments, a daybed with colorful pillows and a beautiful umbrella with hanging embellishments.

22 pinto art museum - misswoman.coAged door

23 pinto art museum - misswoman.coOutdoor Mindanao Collection Gallery

24 pinto art museum - misswoman.coCerulean blue antique doors

25 pinto art museum - misswoman.coChest ox together with other percussion and stringed instruments

26 pinto art museum - misswoman.coStairs on Mindanao Collection Gallery

27 pinto art museum - misswoman.coMore Mindanoan themed collection

28 pinto art museum - misswoman.coAccessories and more ornaments

After satisfying myself in looking at the Mindanao Collection I have proceeded to another gallery. Passing along the gardens, a pond with thick layers of moss and crossing on a garden wooden bridge, I have found the door with sprawling vines and plants on its top that serves as the entryway to the Museum of Indigenous Arts. It exhibits wooden sculptures and other objects used for rituals and traditions by the local tribe from the Cordilleras. There are tapestries, textiles with beautiful patterns, clothes with rich colors, ancient headgears, and jewelry that are all still functioning and properly displayed. On the other side of the museum is dedicated to tribal women where big portraits of bare-chested women are on display. It also gives tribute to a well-known tattoo artist from the Cordilleras named Apo Whang-Od,  wherein her picture is also hanging on the wall and a replica of a Tattoo Shop is placed on one side of the gallery. Displayed randomly are ancient urn, jars and more wooden sculptures hence showcasing the richness of the Cordilleran culture before the influence of western culture.

29 pinto art museum - misswoman.coPond

30 pinto art museum - misswoman.coWooden bridge going to the museum of the indigenous art collection

31 pinto art museum - misswoman.coSprawling vines on the entrance of the museum

32 pinto art museum - misswoman.coAlcove from the gallery entrance

33 pinto art museum - misswoman.coWooden Sculptures

34 pinto art museum - misswoman.coMore indigenous art collection from the Cordilleras

35 pinto art museum - misswoman.coPortraits of bare-chested tribal women

36 pinto art museum - misswoman.coMulti-cultural guests inside the Museum of the Indigenous Art

37 pinto art museum - misswoman.coAlcove seat with closed aged windows

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Disclaimer: This post is not sponsored. All expenses were shouldered by the author. All photos are from Kaycie Gayle


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