Craving Satisfied at Tampay Cafe’s Viewing Deck

TEXT & PHOTO: Kaycie Gayle

While I’m having R&R at an ecotourism resort in Tala Bataan I’ve been craving for pastries and hot chocolate. I have been wanting sweets and comfort drink to cap off after eating local dishes from the resort’s main restaurant. Truly, exploring the resort is good, but I’m still looking for a place where I can sit to appreciate the overlooking view of the mountains while enjoying my cup of chocolate.

1 tamapay cafe - Sinagtala Farm Resort Mudhuts - Bataan - misswoman.coTampay Cafe located at Tampay House

While walking along the grounds of Sinagtala, my heart skipped upon seeing the green signage of Tampay Cafe. Instantly, I strode towards it to see what delight I could I have inside and upon entering, I have been transported to a little charming cafe. It has a narrow straight floorplan layout that is well lit and has an airy feel. Its walls are designed and painted differently wherein its left side has a white-pink color, and midnight blue on the right while its rear wall is designed with wooden planks and adorned with framed herbs soft paintings and positive quotes. Meanwhile, its tables are strategically placed to ensure that diners can conveniently move.

2 tamapay cafe - Sinagtala Farm Resort Mudhuts - Bataan - misswoman.coCafe’s Indoor

3 tamapay cafe - Sinagtala Farm Resort Mudhuts - Bataan - misswoman.coMidnight blue wall

A lady barista warmly greeted me as I have approached the cafe counter. Her cheerfulness complements the charming little cafe. Upon looking around their food offerings, I have seen their delectable pastries, apparently, I have been drawn to ordering Milo Mud Slide. For some reason, its name sounds appealing to me and felt like it would taste so good to satisfy my cravings. True enough, upon having my first sip on my drink, I can’t help but smile for liking the taste of what I have ordered. The rich chocolate flavor and sweetness of Milo powder blends well with the creaminess of the frappe.

4 tamapay cafe - Sinagtala Farm Resort Mudhuts - Bataan - misswoman.coCafe counter

5 tamapay cafe - Sinagtala Farm Resort Mudhuts - Bataan - misswoman.coTake home goodies

6 tamapay cafe - Sinagtala Farm Resort Mudhuts - Bataan - misswoman.coMilo Mudslide

While still in the cafe counter and enjoying my drink, I have seen that it has a viewing deck at the back of the cafe, ergo, I asked the barista if I can sit there, and she instantly got the key and went to the glass door leading to the view deck to open it. Upon stepping my feet on it, I was awestruck with the view. It has led me to a veranda where I can see the other three balconies and a good view of the lush green mountains and the light blue sky. There is also a tree on which its branches serve as a backdrop giving a dramatic effect on the picturesque scenery while its falling yellow leaves add to its alluring atmosphere. The tranquility of the surroundings with that magnificent backdrop and that cool chocolate drink is comforting enough to make me want to stay more to enjoy this simple pleasure. It has given me ample reason to consider that it is the best part of the mountain resort. Actually, it is one of the rare coffee shops that offer an authentic breathtaking view of the mountains, hence has become one of the most memorable cafes I’ve been in the town. Certainly, despite that it seems hidden for being tucked silently in one of the houses in the mountain resort, searching for the cafe’s viewing deck to have my comfort drink didn’t disappoint as it has led me to satisfy my cravings.

7 tamapay cafe - Sinagtala Farm Resort Mudhuts - Bataan - Tampay Cafe’s balcony on the second level.

8 tamapay cafe - Sinagtala Farm Resort Mudhuts - Bataan - misswoman.coTampay House backyard

9 tamapay cafe - Sinagtala Farm Resort Mudhuts - Bataan - misswoman.coPool view from the view deck

Should you want to experience the breathtaking view in Tampay Cafe while sipping your frappe or hot drink, you may visit it at Tampay House located at  Sinagtala Farm Resort and Adventure Park at Orani Bataan Philippines.

Disclaimer: This post is not sponsored. All expenses were paid by the author. All photos are from Kaycie Gayle.

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