Rainy Street Scene in Suzhou China

TEXT: Kaycie Gayle

As I was surfing the Internet looking for inspiration for the day I came across this picture of a rainy street scene in China, which is a picture from 2011. A netizen in Suzhou happened to capture the candid scene with his camera, and the photo was first posted on Fengniao.

The picture unveils an old disabled man caught in a rainstorm in China. The beggar with a crippled leg was already rain-drenched and was slowly moving on a small wooden cart. People have gone to a covered place to keep themselves dry when a young thin Chinese girl saw the man and runs out into the rain to hold a purple umbrella for him and escort him move from being under the rain. The girl’s clothes were completely drenched with rainwater since the umbrella was completely incapable of shielding them against the heavy downpour. After holding the umbrella for the old beggar the young girl cries upon coming back with her friends and eventually leave the scene.

Though this has been captured some years ago, I was moved to still write about it. This is a reminder of how an ordinary rainy day can transform into a beautiful scene in the middle of the rainstorm. Somehow it gives hope that there are still people with a beautiful heart around. And surely, anyone who would see this would touch them and find it heartwarming.


Rain drenched man with crippled leg slowly moves on a small wooden cart.


The Chinese girl saw the man and runs out into the rain


The girl holds a purple umbrella for him


The man’s face during the heavy downpour of the rain


The girl escorting the man move from being under the rain


The girl’s clothing was completely drenched with rainwater 


The young girl comes back to her friends

Photos were retrieved from chinasmack.com on November 24, 2018






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