Stunning Stellar Grounds

Located along the main avenue of the town is an enchanting spot that captures our attention. It intriguingly stands brightly along the dark night covered highway, hence being so irresistible to ignore. I decided to detour and enter through its high arbor made of bamboo with a thatched roof, where its beautiful lanterns are hanging.

1 - stellar grounds - palawan - misswoman.coBamboo Arbor with a thatched roof

2 - stellar grounds - palawan - misswoman.coEntrance along the main avenue

Inside is a spacious large open space with gravel grounds. In the middle is an exhibit for local handicraft, artworks, and sculptures that is available for purchase. In exploring more of the place, I have seen other areas such as a photo booth with a grass backdrop, there is also a trampoline installation where children can play. Meanwhile, at the far end of the park is a one-floor structure with a colorful falcon painting which was said to be the washroom.

3 - stellar grounds - palawan - misswoman.coHandicraft shop

A good spot for unwinding, I have found joy in sitting in a patio table with umbrella. The place is surrounded with the shed of century-old acacia trees where lanterns are hanged on the branches that warmly lit the place giving it a romantic ambiance. Staying quietly while feeling the fresh cool breeze I find the sky with that branches backdrop amusing as I looked up.

4 - stellar grounds - palawan - misswoman.coCentury-old acacia trees with lanterns

5 - stellar grounds - palawan - misswoman.coPatio table with umbrella

During my visit, Stellar Grounds seems to be still new and have just opened. Even at that time of the night, there’s a man who’s still working on some woodwork who seems to be finishing something. Also, there are some areas that seem to be under construction. This place is intended to be a space where both local and foreign tourists, may they be friends and family can eat, shop and play. It is an art hub, food park and events place in Puerto Princesa, that intends to highlight the local arts and crafts of the island. Should this place has already been completed this will definitely be a hub where townspeople and tourists may have come together for recreational bonding. It’s a good place for having a good conversation with friends while enjoying the open-air ambiance. There is no entrance fee to enter the grounds but when it’s full-blown operating partner tenants would appreciate if you bought some drinks, souvenirs, and handicrafts from them.

6 - stellar grounds - palawan - misswoman.coA man still working at night

Should you want to visit this stunning ground especially at night, you may locate them at Rizal Avenue, corner A. Rengel Rd, Puerto Princesa, Palawan

Disclaimer: This post is not sponsored. All expenses were shouldered by the author. All photos are from Kaycie Gayle

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